Bogan Bombshell - Janeen from Clarinda Cabaret

Bogan Bombshell - Janeen from Clarinda Cabaret


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Fri 07 Aug 2015

How's that? by Sherbet is playing in the background. The Beaumaris Theatre is set up with long tables in groups of 10 people. It reminds me of a bingo night. At this venue you are invited to bring your own drinks and nibbles and our table is decked out with treats that would rival a Darrel Lee store.

I asked some of the other audience members why they chose to come to this show. The first one said that they were notified by one of the best websites about what's on in Melbourne. You guessed it, she was talking about Weekend Notes. She added that she thought the show sounded hilarious. Another couple commented that they saw it advertised in the local paper and liked the title. I cheekily asked them if it reminded them of their relatives and they replied 'No, it reminded us of ourselves'.

Janeen from Clarinda is the bogan bombshell trying to raise $176 for her hubby Jonnno's bail after he was caught embezzling cash from the Mc happy day fund.

The bogan bombshell has got 'the look' in her leather look alike hot pants with her dishwashing gloves and stockings at different heights. She has a dance style like no other.

I have a big appreciation for anyone who can sing and perform. The bogan bombshell has cleverly adapted popular songs to tell her tale through music, bu-lesk-q-ee style specatcular. By the sounds of the cheers and laughter there were many others who also enjoyed her creativity too.

I loved her version of the Dolly Parton's songs 9 to 5 and Jolene. I realized I was singing along Janeen, Janeen, Janeen… I just called to say I love you. This is something I wouldn't usually partake in. Audience participation included waving arms and singing along to the Megamix and a cheering ovation at the end.

Her performance will make you laugh and cringe in equal measures. I'm still trying to figure out how she came up with the idea of stringing together all the names of my favorite chocolates to create a clever little love song.

The Duchess of dunnies (or sanitation engineer) reminded me of Gina Riley from the infamous Kath and Kim show. The slant on pronunciation changed innocent words and phrases into completely different meanings. For example, addict into 'a dicks'. Try saying nougut and Toberlerone with a different syllable emphasis.

When I asked some audience members their opinions of the show they said:
%%'I wanted him to keep going so much I really liked the mix of new and old songs'.
'She is such a talent just awesome she's a crack up'.
'It was very funny but I'm glad I didn't put my hands up and say I was from Camberra.'%%

I think we would all be happy if we appreciated life as much as the bogan Bombshell. At only $15 a head this is a real bogan, I mean bargain, so look out for it at the newest venue near you. She'll be the one with the leopard skin trimmed pink Ansell gloves. Youse would probably think it is grouse.

Remember that bogans are people too, they're just from Zone Two.

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