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6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting

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by Marisa Quinn-Haisu (subscribe)
My name is Marisa. I am a fiction writer, a blogger, and a freelance journalist.
Published April 11th 2020
Bobís Burgers is the best family sitcom on television
6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting

Bob's Burgers is an animated sitcom about a family called the Belchers who run a small burger restaurant called Bob's Burgers. The show centres around Bob Belcher, the main protagonist of the show, a talented chef who runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his wife Linda and their three children Tina, Gene and Louise. Bob's Burgers is part workplace comedy and family drama. Bob's Burgers presents a refreshing, modern look at parenting. Bob and Linda are supportive, positive parents, who embrace weirdness and individuality in their children. It doesn't matter how niche their children's interests are, Bob and Linda will encourage them. It is so nice to see a family on television where the parents are in a stable, healthy, loving relationship and the children are happy, confident, and full of self-esteem. Here are 6 Quotes from Bob's Burgers about Parenting.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
The Belcher kids find a ring hidden in their parent's bedroom

"I've never been this angry. You're all grounded for the rest of your lives. And none of you are allowed to talk to me, tonight or maybe ever again. And you're not my children anymore and you're not allowed to come to my funeral."

Bob tells off his kids, "The Ring (But Not Scary)"

In the Season 10 episode "The Ring (But Not Scary)" Bob gets a ring for Linda as an anniversary present to make up for not being able to afford to give her one when they got engaged. He hides the ring under his bed to keep it secret. But then his kids go snooping in his room and discover it. His son Gene tries the ring on and gets it stuck on his finger. The kids then go to a local water park with Linda and lose the ring. When Bob finds out what his kids have done, he is furious. Bob has always struggled financially, so he was very proud of himself when he finally managed to scrape together enough money to purchase a ring for Linda. When he finds out his kids lost it, his reaction is very relatable. So often, when you have kids, you feel like you can't have anything nice. They are always getting into everything, breaking things and losing things. Bob's emotional outburst toward his children is laugh-out-loud funny and had me flashing back to several moments in my childhood when I broke something or lost something and had my parents ripping their hair out.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
Bob gets a job as a substitute teacher at his daughter's school

"Kids are horrible. Why do we keep making them?"

Bob Belcher, "Bob and Deliver"

In the season four episode "Bob and Deliver" Bob gets a job as a substitute home economics teacher at his daughter Tina's school. Bob becomes a popular teacher at the school and starts a restaurant within his class where he teaches his students to cook burgers. Bob enjoys working with the kids, but also notices how horrible they can be at the same time. I love how honest Bob's reflection on working with children is in this episode. Bob loves his kids and being a dad, but children can be hard to deal with and exhausting to handle, which is why I love this quote.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
Bob gets obsessed with a video game that he purchases for his restaurant

Bob: "Now, if that guy asks, you're my kids, ok?"

Louise: "We are your kids."

Bob: "I know, but rub in in his face, ok?"

Bob: "Excuse me, my kids and I would like to come in."

Gene: "We were MADE by this guy!"

Tina: "Yeah!"

Louise: "He had sex and then we happened, deal with it!"

Bob uses his kids to sneak into a gaming arcade, "Burgerboss"

In the episode "Burgerboss" Bob purchases an arcade style video game for the restaurant called Burgerboss. Bob used to play Burgerboss as a kid and boasts to his family that he used to be really good at it. Jimmy Pesto, the main antagonist of the show, comes into Bob's restaurant and has a go at the game. He manages to beat Bob's high score and writes 'BOB SUX' to humiliate Bob. Enraged, Bob starts playing the game obsessively, so he can beat Pesto's score and remove his name. His addiction to the game gets so bad, Linda sells the game to an arcade called Family Funtime. Bob visits the arcade to try and play it, but is told that he cannot go inside without his kids. He lies to Linda and brings the kids along and tells them to make a big deal to the guard at the door that they are HIS kids. Tina, Gene and Louise make a hilarious scene where they stomp past the guard shouting loudly that they are HIS kids! Deal with it! The writing on this show is so great. Louise's comments to the arcade guard are hilarious. I love how Bob's kids trust him and will follow him anywhere. It shows just how tight-knit they are as a family.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
Bob is always honest with his kids

"Listen, you're my children and I love you, but you're all terrible at what you do here and I feel like I should tell you. I'd fire all of you if I could."

Bob tells off his children, "Human Flesh"

Bob Belcher is a hard-working businessman who grew up working as a full-time employee in his dad's restaurant and is the third generation in his family to work and own a restaurant. Bob is talented and experienced at cooking, but is plagued by financial insecurity and poor business management. Bob loves and embraces his wife and children and expects them to share their weight and work in the restaurant. Bob is introverted and sensible, sometimes repressed, impatient and irritable, and always honest. He is a devoted family man who will make sacrifices for his wife and children's happiness. He sometimes loses his cool around his family as a response to the wacky situations they get into. It is his brutal honesty that makes him feel like a real flawed person. This quote is a little bit harsh, but is also one of my favourites. It cracks me up so much because I think it really does sum up how family makes us feel sometimes. We can love our family dearly while in the same breath feel like they are terrible.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
Family road trips are fun!

"And we'll never forget this trip and that's the whole point. A road trip! Someone is always going to barf, or pee, or lose a snake or poop in their undies and not tell anyone. But we've gotta give our kids something to remember."

Linda arguing with Bob about going on family road trips, "Just the Trip."

In the episode "Just the Trip" Linda convinces Bob to let the family tag along with a family friend, Nat Kinkle, on a road trip in her limousine. Bob is reluctant to go on the trip because he doesn't like taking the kids anywhere in the car that is longer than an hour away. There is always arguing, someone vomits, or the kids pester them to visit roadside attractions and diners that are not worth the money. Linda dismisses Bob's concerns and manages to convince him to let them all go along with Nat. The trip turns out to be just as bad as Bob predicted. It takes hours, there is a runaway snake, vomiting, and Louise manages to convince Bob to visit an attraction called the Madness Castle. At the end of the trip, Bob rants angrily that he had a terrible time and did not have any fun. To his surprise, his kids respond that they had fun and will remember the trip for a long time. Linda tells him that it doesn't matter if the trip went terrible, what's important is that it was memorable, and that they need to give their kids positive childhood memories. Bob apologizes for being grumpy and the family laughs about their road trip misadventure. This was a great episode. I understand Bob's frustration. I grew up in a large family and have many memories of chaotic road trips and restaurant visits. It was madness but I think back on it fondly now.

6 Bob's Burgers Quotes That Sum Up Parenting
Bob Belcher is one of the most positive father figures on television

Gene Belcher: "Dad?"

Bob Belcher: "Yes."

Gene Belcher: "I feel like you're doing a really good job as a dad."

Bob Belcher: "Thank you, Gene."

Gene Belcher: "I'm having a good childhood."

Bob Belcher: "Okay, great."

Gene Belcher: "Not right now, but overall."

Bob Belcher: "I got it, thanks."

Gene Belcher: "No, thank you."

Bob Belcher: "Okay."

Gene Belcher: "Thank you for your service."

Gene thanks Bob for being a good dad, "The Hauntening"

If there's one thing that I love about Bob's Burgers it's how positive, happy and confident the Belcher children are. Tina is independent and out-going and owns her weirdness, Louise is out-spoken and intelligent and Gene is a clever, happy boy, who loves music and fart noises. Bob and Linda are supportive, loving parents, who raised their children to be honest, tolerant, respectful and to always be themselves. The positive parenting messages in Bob's Burgers are such a nice change from Homer strangling Bart or Peter Griffin teasing his daughter Meg. I really love this quote from Gene. It really sums up how the Belcher children feel about their parents and what good role models they are.
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Why? Bobís Burgers is a hilarious family sitcom that paints a wholesome and realistic picture of parenting small children.
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