Bobby Fox at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Bobby Fox at Adelaide Cabaret Festival


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Fri 10 Jun 2016 - Sun 12 Jun 2016

Drift back in time with the smooth, jazzy and funky sounds of Bobby Fox - Four Seasons in One Night as part of The Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016. Inspired by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Fox brings us an exuberant, dynamic and close to heart performance that also tells the tale of his journey and beginnings of the Jersey Boys phenomena, in which Fox starred as Valli for 3 consecutive years. However, Four Seasons in One Night, conveys how Fox reached this pinnacle and what motivated him to leave after such a long commitment to such a successful show. Fox's endearing journey begins when he travels to New York and finds himself eating a muffin and having an awkward stare off with a complete stranger (Fox's storytelling is just too good). He miraculously gains entry into the award winning Jersey Boys Broadway show, in first class seats, amongst the crowd and in awe. Little does he know that soon enough he'd be the star of the Australian production, changing his life forever. Fox's humorous, comic and enthusiastic personality captures the crowd, as his stories are genuine, engaging and extremely entertaining, simultaneously suited to each piece of music.

Although seated, it was difficult to resist the groove; I was instantly lured into the rhythm of it all. Fox's voice flooded my ears, my eyes drawn onto his dominant presence and I was taken along his personal journey, from the past to present. Fox's stories are very personal, creating an incredibly down to earth and friendly mise en scène, breaking down the fourth wall and incorporating the crowd as he croons. It's easy to swoon over his moves, looks, charisma and striking performance as a whole, backed by a suave team of singers and musicians; a particular mention to the guitarist who oozes coolness throughout the show.

Compressed into a 70 minute extravaganza, Fox shares how he adopted his Valli like features, attending workshops and meeting Valli himself. Although Fox projects confidence, we're given an insight into his beginnings as an Irishman making his way into the world of Broadway. From his nerve racking, and almost failed audition for Jersey Boys, his life happens to turn around, and rather quickly. You know you've made it when the likes of Tom Cruise attend your show. Fox possesses an immense passion for what he does, conveyed through his striking presentation of Valli's classics that we all love. Combining his witty personality and exciting energy with impromptu jokes; laughter fills the room on more than one occasion. Although we see a primary focus on Valli's music, we also witness Fox's own fluency, style and persona in the mix, as he introduces the audience to his own tunes, which familiarly resemble that upbeat and snazzy vibe.

I couldn't help but watch over fellow audience members as I glared in curiosity, everyone glued to Fox's alluring and captivating stance. Singing along or bopping heads to the catchy beats, a crowd that translates into a mere pure bewilderment at Fox's nifty choreographed moves that reveal a snazzy and flashy dancer who's a true delight to watch. As a former 4 times World Irish Dance Champion, he sure did show off those dance skills rather well. Fox previously toured with dance productions such as Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground (principal understudy), To Dance on the Moon (principal dancer) and also starred in the revival of Australian musical Hot Shoe Shuffle as Spring. Likewise, Fox's sexy duet with Miranda Kerr - "You're the Boss", is sensual, sleek and abundant with charm. The two handsome stars are a sight to see in this racy video. Fox's voice transforms into a strong, husky and almost 'fox' like tone, contrasting his Valli like persona and showcasing his multidimensional facets as a performer.

Here's a snippet of the duet, which unfortunately didn't play on the night, but gives an insight into Fox himself.

As the show approached the end, I found myself wanting more; lip syncing the words to one of my most loved songs "I Can't Take My Eyes off of You" and thinking to myself 'this can't be it'. Yes, many may recognise this unforgettable melody from the classic 90's film 10 Things I Hate About You. The compilation of Valli's tracks as well as Fox's own, evidently communicate his journey of all that he's accomplished thus far. Ending his Jersey Boys adventure in Sydney a few years back, Fox is now moving onto new things, following his own voice and beat of the drum, and will undoubtedly brace us with more in the near future. His current EP is available for purchase on iTunes. Bobby Fox - Four Seasons in One Night is a sensational and vibrant addition to The Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016.

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