Bloomsbury's Cakes & Desserts @ The Dubai Mall

Bloomsbury's Cakes & Desserts @ The Dubai Mall


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Bloomsbury is a London borough, a quaint, fashionable area between Holborn and Euston, it is also the birthplace of the now popular cupcake craze, made famous by Bloomsbury's bakery in New York. With both capitals at the forefront of culture and the arts, it comes as no surprise that the Bloomsbury's cafe in the Dubai Mall is anything less than superb. A polished black sign with large silver lettering; 'Bloomsbury's' calls to your inner sweetheart. It is a classy marriage between food and society, and a lush setting for those for tea.

In terms of presentation, Bloomsbury's are downright adorable. The tea and coffee are served on their own delicate metal tray, with a sand glass (to indicate your tea is brewing is done), a teapot, cup and saucer, and they ensure the 'Bloomsbury's' napkin is facing you. How darling.

The cafe itself is spacious and has a drawing room quality that is reminiscent of decadent times: plush seating in a raspberry and black brocade design adorn the settee and upholstered chairs, black wood panels and marble tiles decorate the walls, and white French-Anglais mirrors with white stencilling is on the back wall.

The service was impeccable. Friendly, advised about our tea. They didn't hurriedly seat us, and weren't in a rush to get us out. We were seated and allowed to peruse the menu for as long as we liked.

Our selection was difficult because they have an array of boutique (12DHS), and luxury cupcakes (16DHS), we opted for the Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate Heaven (boutique), and the Banana Bliss (luxury). In each cupcake the sponge was lighter than air! They seem to have perfected the recipe because every bite was a joy. Our individual cupcakes were delicious, but we were all impressed with the 'Banana Bliss' cupcake. It was a banana cake sponge topped with chocolate icing, that wasn't buttercream or frosting, but a dark chocolate that holds its shape, but melts on the tongue. The piece de resistance however, was the caramel centre within the sponge. It was celestial - a creamy caramel that wasn't sickly sweet as expected, but the perfect finishing touch to a dreamy cupcake, the caramel turned into silk on your tongue.

Our tea was surprisingly fresh, the English Breakfast tasted like English breakfast tea, and the organic African Amber was a fruity, yet deep cocktail of exotics flavours. The latte was equally delicious: creamy, not too strong and didn't need sweetening.

Now you're wondering how pricey this decadent affair is? Well it's pretty average, for tea and cake but oddly enough the drinks were more costly than our cupcakes. We feel it's a compromise though - you pay for what you get, and the food and service is fantastic. 29DHS per person for one cupcake and a pot of tea which held two full cups.

Superb service and a wonderful experience, ideal for friends for are in need of a catch up. We weren't rushed in any way, so feel free to get comfortable. Bloomsbury's is irresistible indulgence for those who need reminding that tea and cake are incredibly satisfying. The decor helps too; white brocade light holders and glass cabinets house the prettiest cupcakes and croissants, you can't help but fall for Bloomsbury's.

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