Black Water Tubing with Glow Worms

Black Water Tubing with Glow Worms


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In Greymouth, we stumbled across one of the best activities for those who aren't exactly adrenaline junkies but definitely do love a bit of adventure; Rafting with Glow-Worms Walk Zipline or Abseil.html Black Water Tubing . This brilliant activity is honestly one of the funniest escapades we had on our 23-Day trip round the South Island of NZ.

This adventure starts in one of three ways, each with its own corresponding price. For those who are not a fan of heights, you can walk into the tours starting point ($215pp) and for those who love a slight thrill you can zip line in ($265) or abseil in ($320). We chose the zipline and thoroughly enjoyed the flight through the stunning rainforest.

After this, we grabbed our tubes (which he had just thrown off the edge of the cliff earlier) and jumped right on them. The water is definitely a little frosty, which is why the tour company supplies wet suits. Then for half a day, we floated down the winding river, taking in the hundreds of different shades of green to be found along the banks and up above. At some points, this floating is purely relaxing and then at other moments you are zipping down rushing rapids.

Towards the end of the tour everyone swaps their tubes for a piece of plastic and slips down a natural slide into the water at the entrance to a cave. Then participants climb back aboard their tubes, and once linked together, are pushed into the dark cave. Due to the fact the cave gets thinner the deeper you go, we eventually had to dismount and walk. But I promise you the walk is worth it, because the glow worms you will get to admire (whilst sipping hot chocolate) light up the cave just like a cloud-free perfect night sky.

After exiting the cave you have the opportunity to jump from a mini-cliff face into the water below. This was a little too high for me, but my husband completed a perfect fall onto the water below.

After returning to the home base, as a special treat, all adventurers are invited to a hot spa and drink whilst taking in the photographs of the trip. This is such a fabulous added bonus, because whilst the trip is amazing, it is also freezing and this gives you the opportunity to get feeling back into your extremities, plus it is super relaxing.

If you are anywhere near Greymouth, this is one of those activities you don't want to drive past. Make sure you check it out.

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