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Posted 2017-02-03 by Sue Wfollow
is located 15 minutes north of the city in Belconnen, opposite Lake Ginninderra. This venue is one of the most popular cafes in Belconnen, with diners always seen relaxing at the tables outside, looking out to the lake in the distance. The busiest time for this cafe is in the mornings with groups of cyclists, mothers groups and friends meeting up for a coffee or enjoying a healthy breakfast to start the day. Our family has often walked past on Fathers Day or Mothers Day and there have been people lining up for a table at their favourite local café. Is it because it is the most funkiest café in town? No, not really. Is it because it has the cheapest prices? No, it's no cheaper than the rest. The secret lays in its food, simplicity and community feel. is the ideal spot to meet up with loved ones because it is just simply comfortable - like walking in to see an old friend.

The outdoor seating area at the side of the café is popular with local cycling groups, as well as families with prams, so they can relax and keep an eye on their belongings at the same time. When you walk into the café, the interior is surprisingly spacious and divided in two by a low lying display unit in the middle, creating two separate dining areas. The tables by the floor to ceiling windows are particularly popular, with views out to the leafy street and Lake Ginninderra in the distance.

On our family's visit, we stopped in for breakfast before shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre , conveniently located across the road. There is a good selection of delicious - and unusual - options to choose from on the menu. For us, we both couldn't go past the intriguing-sounding "Green Eggs and Ham - Scrambled eggs with avocado and spinach puree, lemon, toasted cumin, shaved ham, tomato jam, cucumber yoghurt and toasted sourdough ($17)". Although the "Smashed Avocado" also sounded delicious for $15, we were curious about the idea of green eggs and ham - reminiscent of the Dr Seuss Books that we read to our young daughter. She was the most intrigued to see how this dish would look when it came out - as well as looking forward to eating the extra hash browns that we had ordered on the side. When our meals came out, it was certainly green - and we couldn't wait to try it!

I must admit, Green Eggs and Ham would have to be one of the most ecclectic combinations I have had for breakfast, but it was an enjoyable combination - especially with the hit of sweet tomato jam pulling it all together. All the ingredients were delicious on their own and also tasted just as good when eaten together, on the same fork. For $17, it was also a nice surprise to find three pieces of sourdough toast buried under the green eggs, which made it a filling breakfast that kept us full all morning. Although I enjoyed it, next time I will try the Smashed Avocado, as several plates of it were delivered to neighbouring tables and were obviously the local favourite. See here for the menu, with a range of lunch options, desserts and cakes also available.

If you have kids, there are colouring-in books to keep them entertained before and after the meal. These books are a welcome sight for parents of kids who love to colour in, so we can relax and linger over our coffee for just that little bit longer.

is a comfortable and easy local café, run by locals for locals. In summer it has the leafy outdoor area to sit and in Winter there are plenty of indoor tables to stay cosy and warm. This, as well as its central location, makes it an ideal café to pop into whilst walking around the lake or into the town centre, in any season. Why don't you give it a try this weekend?

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