Bisma Eight Boutique Hotel

Bisma Eight Boutique Hotel


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Nestled in the heart of Bali's tropical forests and cultural town of Ubud; Bisma Eight redefines luxury accommodation by embracing folkloric touches of Balinese life and caring for every minute detail. More than a place to stay, Bisma Eight is a place to experience.

Although being the new kid on the block, Bisma Eight has set the bar higher for boutique hotels in Ubud. Their ethos is being the best at everything they do, it is all or nothing. Employees are part of a bright community with their main goal to make your stay unforgettable. Bisma Eight's service and attention to detail is vibrant right from the moment you arrive, you will be offered a refreshing drink, a cool towel and impeccable service.

Throughout the hotel there is a perfect balancing act of world aesthetics, luscious greenery, Balinese culture and crisp architecture. Everything from the design, furniture, staff uniforms and crockery has been carefully thought of. Every object, person, sight and sound, tells a story that roots inside of every guest.

Bisma Eight offers 38 rooms with different features. The Garden Suites line the canopy courtyard, The Canopy Suites present views of the courtyard's canopy, The Forest Suites are located in the more secluded side of the hotel and feature stunning views of the rich jungle and memorable sunsets to experience from the comfort of your bed or balcony.

Bisma Eight's smart design means no matter where you are in the hotel; you will enjoy views of the vast land whilst having all amenities and comforts a few steps away: the reception area features a fresh interior and a quiet lobby, enjoy a coffee and loose yourself in a book at The Library Cafe, start your day at The Fit Space and delight your taste buds at The Copper Kitchen and Bar, immerse yourself in the views at Rooftop Bar and cool yourself at the infinity pool and Pavillion Bar, wherever you go you will be greeted by a friendly face, whatever you do will be memorable.

The dining experience at Bisma Eight delights the senses and feeds the soul. Traditional cuisine plays with contemporary methods to bring you unique flavours and visually stunning dishes. What makes the food even better is to know it comes from Bisma Eight's organic farm around the corner. You can take a short walk and visit this sustainable space in your own time or in one of their guided tours or as part of the hotel's cooking classes.

To create the perfect pair , Bisma Eight has put equal amounts of effort and passion into their beverages. Anything from fresh coffee, mocktails and cocktails, are all carefully crafted to be enjoyed at the chic Library Cafe, the old worldly Copper Bar or the relaxing Pavillion Bar.

More than a hotel or a place to stay; Bisma Eight has created a harmonious community where guests and employees enjoy the experience equally. There is a sense of kinship and cooperation that is so unique to Ubud and Bisma Eight has certainly embraced it by including a series of complimentary in house and outdoor activities which allow guests to interact with employees and vice versa. Salute everyday with a yoga class, try your hand at a cooking class, visit the Bisma Eight organic farm, pump your heart with a rice paddy bike tour, make Balinese Canang offerings,l earn the ancient tradition of Balinese dance or create your own mocktail or cocktail.

Book your stay to become part of Bisma Eight's story and allow yourself to be delighted in every possible way. The narrative of Ubud is displayed through their flawless command of hospitality and their impeccably crafted kinsfolk.

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