Bicycle Recycle

Bicycle Recycle


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Bicycles. They are a hot ticket item right now.

First thing in the morning along Beach Rd? Check. Afternoon in the inner-city? Sure. And, even after dark a commuter is not a uncommon sight, backpack, bike light and all. While they may be popular, its undoubted the world of cycling is also intimidating. This is where Mark, Tim and the good folks at come in. If your unsure of your frame size, they've a tape measure. If you remain uncertain of whether you need a road bike or hybrid they'll help you out. Indeed, if you're not sure of your helmet size the guys will give you a sizing without an accompanying smirk that is sadly not always uncommon around other cycling stores. This is to say: 's staff are down-to-earth, accessible and authentic. They are about getting you on the bike and winning back repeat customers.

As it concerns the bikes themselves, they have a wide range. Despite the 'Recycle' in their title - and indeed the store does refurbish and sell second hand bikes - they stock a good array of some of the newest and lightest road bikes. Alongside this, they've a number of mountain bike, BMX and hybrid models (bikes which combine features of the preceding types into one bicycle).

Alongside selling, the store also does servicing of bikes. One of the reasons this store has won many fans amongst the South East is they represent great value for money when it comes to doing this work and they are willing to take the time to explain what work they've done, why they've done it and, crucially, how to prevent issues arising again. This is helpful for newcomers and old riders alike.

Were there something to be said about the store that perhaps is a point against it, some have said it is a bit out of the way - located within Moorabbin's industrial section - and thus hard to reach (even on a bike). No less though, over time it becomes clear this is a drawcard, for its a store and staff worth going out of the way for.

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