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Posted 2021-01-31 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
In Beverages - Safe Party Planning, Alcohol-free Drinks For All Occasions - Food Writer's Favorites, authors Barbara Gibbs Ostmann and Jane Baker go on to state that you should start planning your next party now. Invite a few friends and family over to taste the non-alcoholic drinks found in this book.

In Summary

Breakfast On The Run
Page twenty-three has a stand-out recipe for any age called "Kids' Breakfast Milkshake" that calls for oatmeal, milk, chocolate syrup, sugar, banana and peanut butter.

Mix 'Em Up
Page forty-three has a recipe nice for gift-giving that is called "Russian Tea Mix" calling for orange drink mix, lemonade drink mix, sugar, instant tea, ground cinnamon and ground cloves.

Hot Stuff
Page fifty-four has a recipe for "Hot Vanilla" that calls for milk, honey, vanilla and ground cinnamon.

Keep Your Cool
Page sixty-four has a recipe called "Bee Sting" that calls for honey, fruity vinegar and seltzer water.

Bowl 'Em Over
Page ninety-seven has a recipe for "New and Safe Eggnog" that calls for milk, eggs, salt, sugar, nutmeg, vanilla and whipped cream.

Better Than The Original
On page one hundred-fifteen there is a recipe for "Madonna" that calls for tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, paprika and celery.

Coffee Express
Page one hundred-thirty-three has a recipe for "Caffe Latte" that calls for milk, coffee, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and sugar.

Tea-For-Two and More
Page one hundred-fifty-three has a recipe called "Wild Plum Tea Room Tea" that calls for water, tea bags, sugar, orange juice and lemon juice.

In Opinion

The recipes above, I chose to highlight as they seemed to be different and delicious. One recipe I did not highlight is New York Egg Cream, as I think we all know that one.

There is a recipe for you if you like sweet drinks or tart drinks. All drinks seem to quench the thirst.

The book may be small, but it is packed with goodness.

I give the book a 5-star rating.

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