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Beta Bar


Posted 2018-04-22 by Renee Ferrisfollow

Imagine having a few drinks with good mates, getting the chance to meet new like-minded people and playing video games in a social setting.

Welcome to located in Hawthorn. This bar is certainly like no other. This is a venue made by gamers, for gamers.

At Beta Bar, you can pull up a table, hire a card game like Uno or Cards Against Humanity from the cloaking room or a board game and verse your friends or total strangers. It's awesome because you can meet really great people and make friends.

Rockband/Guitar Hero is always so much fun. You write your name and what song you want to do and when it is your turn they call you up and you can either sing, do drums or play guitar. This is another great way to meet people because you can see who has similar music tastes to you.

Upstairs you will find an epic dance floor and great beats for those who don't mind a dance.

The prices for drinks are pretty standard, with some being a bit more pricey than others. There is a small entry fee or $15, but it is only $10 if you have a student card or dress up to the theme of the night.

One of the best parts about is every Friday night (it is only open Fridays) is they have a different theme each week.
You can dress up, win prizes, get photos taken and mingle with others who share the same interests. Some of the nights they have hosted (and most likely will host again) are
Pokemon Night
Grand Theft Auto Night
Disney Night
Cartoon Network Night
The Simpsons Night
and many others.

They also throw pretty awesome Halloween, Christmas and New Years events too with tickets being a little more expensive than a standard night but totally worth it.

Every so often Beta offers a "Singles Night" where people can turn up and receive a wristband of a certain color indicating what they are looking for.

Many times they have thrown this type of event, people have commented on the success of it and have said they have met someone special. There have even been a few marriages from someone meeting at a singles night!

Overall, is a totally cool place to be if you are into gaming, alcohol and mingling. The owners of the club are really lovely and are always on the lookout for misbehaving patrons who are removed right away if they are acting in a disrespectful manner.

I would recommend this venue for people who love video games and socialising!

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