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15 Best Weight Loss Ideas to Drop the Covid Kilos

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by Lesley Mitchell (subscribe)
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Published June 7th 2021
Lose weight with this comprehensive guide

*Please note, this list has been compiled for entertainment purposes only. With all weight loss programs, it is important to consult your doctor and confirm that your chosen path is suitable for you with a recognised specialist

We all did what we could to cope with lockdowns. For some, it was couch potatoes with Netflix and wine, but for all of us, our exercise regime had to change. For many people, this resulted in us adding a few kilos to our weight.

If the time has come to shed some weight, let's share our best suggestions for what works for you.

Do you have a way of dropping the kilos fast, to get the ball rolling I have some suggestions to share with you.
Not necessarily in any order)

1. Eat a high protein breakfast:
It has been commonly recognised that adding protein to your breakfast keeps you fuller and more satisfied for longer, removing those mid-morning hunger attacks. Find some recipe ideas here.

2. Join WW Reimagined (Formerly called Weight Watchers):
Gone are the days of weigh-ins and all eyes focused on a set of scales - now they are wellness clinics, replaced with wellness coaches. Their focus is on health and healthy habits, you will receive a personalised program designed for you.

You will be allocated a certain number of points for the day (cleverly worked out by the specialists) and many foods on your list will have 0 points value so you never need to feel hungry. Plans are approximately $79 per month - but there are often specials of us to 50% off for several months.

You will have access to in-person meetings and coaches, e-tools to make it all easy and you can even do it online if you prefer. Once you get to your goal weight, you can continue to be a lifetime Weight Watchers member for free.

You can take a free health appraisal online here.

3. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice:
These are loaded with calories and often leave you craving more sugar, making you pile on more weight. If you think about how many pieces of fruit you are consuming in 1 drink, it's quite a lot and bought ones often have sorbet and sugar added. Find a Fact Sheet here.

4. Noom:
A relative newcomer on the block. Noom is an app providing a personalised plan and health coach incorporating food, exercise and mental health, assisting you to change your behaviours to lose weight and maintain a healthy goal. Cost: Approximately $59 per month or $199 for the year.

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Nooms Program *Image Noom web home page

5. Make water more appealing:
We know we are meant to drink 1-2 litres a day but that can be really hard for some people. Make it more interesting by switching to plain or sparkling mineral water, add a slice of lemon, orange or a couple of frozen raspberries.

There are now cold water teabag infusions available in the supermarkets, toss one in your drink bottle of water, making it instantly more appealing and still with no calories

6. Jenny Craig:
If you would like a program, with coaches, guidance and the meals provided for you, Jenny Craig may be your fit.

From $12-25 (approx) per day, you can find the pricing plans here. Your program will be designed for you personally, you will meet with your consultant each week and all your meals are delivered directly to you. Meaning no meal prep or food planning.

7. Drink water before meals:
Having a large glass of water before meals will take the edge off your appetite. You will feel fuller and naturally eat less at mealtimes. Quite often thirst signals are confused with hunger signals. Try having a glass of water first to determine if you are actually hungry or just thirsty.

8. Hello Fresh:
Not really a weight loss programs, but certainly all about healthy eating. All you do is download the Hello Fresh app, choose a plan that works for you, plan your menus from the available recipes. Your box will arrive with everything you need to cook those dishes, including step by step instructions. You cook, with everything all pre-portioned for you, you use everything in your box.

You can cancel or leave at any time or if you prefer, skip a week or pause, swap meals or change your delivery anytime. You'll be cooking like a Masterchef in no time, healthy, wellness-based meals.

Weight, loss, lose, melbourne, australia, kilos, covid, fat, chubby, iso
Hello Fresh Plans *Image Hello Fresh Website

9. Choose weight-loss-friendly foods:
Make some simple substitutes - you will be amazed at hidden calories that you don't really notice!
Some examples of swaps may include:
Full-fat milk coffee VS low-fat milk coffee*
Low-fat grated cheese (you may not taste any difference particularly in cooking)*
Reduced-fat puff pastry* (Yes, its a thing, I tried it and didn't notice the difference)

*On the WW program this approximately halves the points value
Sweet Treats: Low sugar hot chocolate
Swap grapes and a banana for a sweet treat
A few Medjool dates instead of lollies
Cordial or Lemonade for Sparkling water with fruit slices

10. Lite N Easy:
With Lite N Easy, all food is based on your best options and delivered directly to your door. All you need to do is heat it up (where required) and eat what's provided to see the kilos dropping off. You can choose the entire program or just certain meals.

Click here for the different pricing options.

11. Eat soluble fibre:
Also known as dietary fibre, this is primarily a carbohydrate which your body cannot digest. Most people do not get enough fibre. Both soluble and insoluble fibre can assist to bulk up your stools and offer a food source for good bacteria in your large intestine. Soluble fibre pulls water into your gut, creating softer stools and good bowel movements. In weight loss, soluble fibre allows you to feel fuller and reduce constipation, thus assisting with weight loss. Some good sources of fiber include Carrots, Apples, Beans, Guavas, Broccoli, Flax seeds, Avocados, Sunflower seeds, Figs, Hazelnuts, Oats, Barley. Find out more here.

12. Drink coffee or tea:
Too much of anything is not good for you, but swapping wine for tea / coffee will greatly reduce your calorie intake. Herbal teas are good water sources and will assist you to feel fuller. If you have used up all your allocated calories for the day, a fruit tea can assist to feel like you are having a little treat. Use almond milk or milk substitutes for full-fat milk, they have infinitely less WW points and are great choices.

 Weight, loss, lose, melbourne, australia, kilos, covid, fat, chubby, iso
Home made Almond Milk, you can buy it or make it. *Image Lesley Mitchell (Home made)

13. Make your own ice cream:
Freeze bananas and other fruits, add them into your Thermomix®, magic bullet or food processor, on their own or with a little sugar and whip into soft sorbet ice cream without the fats and much lower calories.

If you have a Thermomix® and Cookidoo subscription find the recipe here.

The Full Helping shows us how to make Soft serve Banana Ice Cream here.

The Flavour Blender shows us how to make any fruit into fruit sorbet here.

14. Base your diet on whole foods:
Choose wholemeal over white, wholegrain over plain, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods whenever possible. Your skin will look more radiant and your body will be healthier. Find out more here.

15. Eat slowly & mindfully:
In our fast-paced life, we often scoff down our food. This creates digestion problems, however, the body needs time to register it is full - eating quickly will not allow your body time to relay a message back that you have had enough, resulting in overeating.

It's so easy to grab a meal whilst watching TV, working at your desk or generally being mind absorbed elsewhere, like eating too quickly, the body often does not register what or how much you are eating when otherwise occupied. If possible eat quietly, slowly and paying attention to everything you are putting in your mouth.

*Bonus tip:
Remember your inner child, before you mindlessly reach for something that's not so great for you, ask yourself, "would I let a child I love eat this or eat the quantity of this I am taking". When you develop self-love, you bring yourself back to honouring your body and taking the time to put the best choices in.

Over to you, use the comments section on this article to share with us what works for you:

What you have tried? What is the best for you to lose weight?

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