Best Walks by Water in SEQ

Best Walks by Water in SEQ


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[SECTION]Best walks by water[/SECTION]

One of the most pleasant activities to do is to go for a walk. The best walks, at least in my mind, are always near the water. This can be rivers, creeks, lakes or the seaside.

Let's take a tour of South East Queenslandof my favourite places to walk beside the water.

[SECTION]Kedron Brook Cycleway[/SECTION]

The Kedron Brook Cycleway starts in Mitchelton and goes all the way to Nudgee Beach. Even cycling the entire path is a fair journey, so you don't want to walk the entire section, so the trick is to find the most interesting walks along its path.

The most popular section to walk is the section that goes from Toombul to Lutwyche. This section is great for walkers because most cyclists head the other way to Nudgee Beach and the Boondall Wetlands. But also much of the path here is divided between cycle and walking path. Dog walkers usually walk on the grassy section on the other side of the creek. The highlight is the bushland seciton at Kalinga park.

My favourite part is actually out past Stafford, though you don't really want to start walking at Stafford as the track goes on the road for a little while. Rather it is better to start near Sparkes Hills Resevoirs and Grinstead Park. This part of the track is lined with artworks, has very few cyclists (and those that are here tend to be casual rather than dedicated cyclists) and is just generally speaking a pleasant place to wander with several nice creek crossings.

But heading from Toombul to Nudgee beach the path also gets very interesting. Though if you are walking then you probably want to start further down the path where the Kedron Brook changes into the Schulz Canal and becomes an Kedron Brook estuary (it is confusing because the canal connects the two Kedron Brooks). I would actually recommend going down to Nudgee Beach and walking back inland along the estuary.

Overall this great bike path is a wonderful place for walkers to also explore. Each time you pick a different section and walk along it. Along the path you can enjoy mangroves, bushland, grasslands, duck ponds and you even go past one farm.

[SECTION]North Lakes Environmental Park[/SECTION]

Most people visiting North Lakes thinks that because there is one lake, some real estate tycoon decided to name the area lakes as a marketing ploy. But actually there are many lakes in North Lakes. These lakes are connected together by walking tracks and this makes the area one of the most interesting places to walk.

The best place to walk is along the southern side of the North Lakes Environmental Park starting at Bridgehaven Lake off Bounty Boulevard and then following the walking path that goes along the edge of the park to visit Woodside Lake, Whitebeetch Lakes and White Cedar Lake.

While the main walking path sticks close to the road, you can also get off this trail in places and explore the various fire trails that go through the environmental park. The trails won't let you walk through the entire park as there is no easy way across Hays Inlet other than going around the outskirts of the park.

You can also do a large circuit stating at Eden Lake near the Westfield, walk alongside the Golf Course up to the Environmental Park, visit the lakes at the park, and then return via Chermside and Chelmsford Roads to visit even more lakes.

[SECTION]Broadwater walks on the Gold Coast[/SECTION]

When people think of the Gold Coast Walks, they are usually thinking about walking on or by the beach . However the nicest walking location in the Gold Coast is at Broadwater.

You can walk from Fishing Spot Park in Biggera Waters all the way down to Surfers Paradise with only one small section in South Port where you need to walk beside the road away from the water or parklands.

Most people would start at the Broadwater Parklands and walk towards McIntosh Island and Main Beach. Certainly the parklands as well as McIntosh Island Park are beautiful places to walk. In addition you can easily take the Gold Coast Tram back to the start of the walk, rather than walking back to collect your car (or take the tram out and walk back).

But we should not ignore Len Fox Park and the foreshore in the other direction. While not as spectacular, it is still a lovely area to walk. Keen walkers will do the whole foreshore. But past Fishing Spot Park there is no foreshore walking path until you get to Paradise Point.

[SECTION]Golden Beach, Caloundra [/SECTION]

On the Sunshine Coast the nicest place to walk that is not by the open ocean is at Golden Beach. This area faces the quiet waters of Pumicestone Passage and follows the shorefront down to the Mangrove Boardwalk and beyond.

The annoying part of this walk is that the cafes and takeaway shops are near the middle of the walk, though that is only a minor complaint.

Most people stop at the Caloundra Power Boat Club as the path seems to end here. But if you continue through the car park and cross the Bridge, you will find that the foreshore walk continues.

[SECTION]Enoggerra Creek [/SECTION]

One of the great creek areas to walk along is at Enogerra Creek. This lovely little waterway was plenty of walking and cycling tracks along its length from Enoggera Darm down to where it transforms into Breakfast Creek and joins the Brisbane river. Though it is not all one continuous off road path.

The main section to walk is from the Bowen Bridge Heritage Park in Windsor (near the Northey Street City Farm ) upstream to Wilston Recreational Reserve. Most of this area the creek is lined with mangroves but there are parks and parklands on both sides of the creek with several pedestrian and cycle bridges crossing the creek.

A the Wilston Recreational Reserve, cross the bridge to the southern side of the creek and you can follow the bikeway most of the way to the Banks Street Reserve. The nature of the creek here is much different as it is true creek rather than a tidal Estuary.

The Banks Street Reserve is also a nice place to wander around, but if you want to follow the creek there are lots of places where you follow quiet back streets rather than parkland paths. There are plenty of nice areas as the path continues especially as you approach The Gap.

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