What are the Best Things to do at Corlette Beach

What are the Best Things to do at Corlette Beach


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Corlette Beach is located Bay, New South Wales 2315/corlette beach/@-32.7185522,152.113269,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b7383c232b5436d:0x5017d681632f200!2m2!1d152.151111!2d-32.715!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b73822525e7763b:0x83920c6507f1e78d!2m2!1d152.1077238!2d-32.7180056 less than 10 minutes from Nelson Bay, in the scenic Port Stephens. It is just one of 26 bays and beaches around the region to walk along and feel the sand between your toes, swim in the crystal clear water and find ornate shells that have washed in overnight, from the tides out to sea.

Although our family doesn't live in Corlette, we have been exploring the area and have fallen in love with the beach, the view and the multi-million dollar houses along the waterfront that we dream to have! If you are a local to Corlette, what is your favourite thing to do at Corlette Beach? Do you like to go fishing or snorkelling? Or perhaps blow up a flamingo pool toy and bob out on the water, or simply just enjoy walking on the soft sand? These are the best things that our family enjoys doing in Corlette, however feel free to leave a comment at the top of this article with your local tips. One thing that everyone will be impressed by, is the view...

Swimming is a "must" at this oasis of a beach, with plenty of sand at the back of the beach to spread out the towels and put up an umbrella. All of the bays around the region are very family friendly, for kids of all ages to have a splash along the shoreline and make sandcastles. Why not take an esky, lather up in sunscreen and stay all day?

Walking Along the Break Wall is another scenic thing to do, as it takes in the views of The Anchorage hotel on one side, and the bay on the other. The 5 Star Anchorage Hotel was given a multi-million dollar makeover in November 2017 and it is the pearl of the area - with striking architecture, coastal Hampton's d├ęcor and large cruiser boats in the marina out the front.

Fishing off the Break Wall, on the bay side of the marina, is a popular past-time, with a few local anglers seen there at high tide each day trying their luck. The Port Stephens region has strict rules for fishing and there are Sanctuary zones which are protected - see here for details. Don't forget to get a NSW Recreational Fishing Licence before you throw in your line.

Corlette Point Headland, located behind the beach, has a bushwalk along the edge which goes all the way around to Salamander Bay on the other side. Ensure you wear your walking shoes, as it can get very rocky as the bushwalk follows the headland behind The Anchorage and down to the rock platforms on the other side. Along the way you will see signs on the benches remembering local characters to the area. Look out for snakes in the warmer months, as there is a lot of undergrowth next to the narrow track.
Corlette Point Park** is a popular spot for kids, with a newly-built playground with climbing nets, pirate ship, slide and net swing. It is particularly popular with locals, who bring their kids to have a play in the evening when the heat of the day cools down.

Corlette Beach is a quiet place to stay for a while and appreciate its natural beauty, off the beaten path. It is a place that the locals enjoy and share their slice of paradise with the guests of The Anchorage hotel. If this is your local bay and you have any tips to add, please leave a comment at the top of this article. One thing is for sure - if this was your local swimming bay - why would you ever need to go anywhere else?

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