Top 6 Street Art Laneways in Melbourne

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Posted 2012-07-01 by Melanie Lynnfollow
[SECTION]Melbourne's Street Art Laneways[/SECTION]

Melbourne is a melting pot of art, class and style. You never know just quite when you will next be dazzled and delighted by a new corner or café you hadn't noticed before.

If you know where to look, there is a rich crop of street art to be found throughout the city. Some of the best spots may be dangling right under your very nose. Forget the ugly graffiti known as 'tagging' you see rudely scrawled on houses and billboards. These are some truly inspired art pieces that add some colour and soul to our city.

In my hunt for these ever changing, always amazing free laneway exhibits, I am constantly surprised and amused by human creativity.

[ADVERT]The beauty of street art is there is always something new to google and fawn over. The laneways are the living, breathing pulse of the city and as the months go by new pieces constantly spring to life on the walls, showcasing the unending talent of the underground street world and spray artists. Some of the best fun to be had is to wander the Melbourne laneways yourself and find your own favourite street art streets.


A meander along the cobbled bluestone of Hosier Lane will find you in one of Melbourne's most iconic streets. With a huge selection of sophisticated urban art, you will be surprised and amazed by the artistic talent sprayed on the walls. These are the city walls that always have something to say.

Café Hoboken is the perfect place to unwind in the ally while you admire the art.

The most infamous of the Melbourne laneway family, Hosier Lane has become synonymous with other great Melbourne landmarks. Not a day goes by where you won't see some trigger-happy student or tourist snapping shots left right and centre.

It's also becoming increasingly popular to have wedding photos done with this free arty backdrop and from time to time, you will see ladies in their huge cream puffs, floating down the street with doting grooms and breathtaking bridal parties in tow.


In the heart of the city, you will find this muraled laneway between Little Collins and Bourke Street.

This street art on Union Lane was initially completed in 2008 by a collective of aspiring young artists and their professional mentors. Together, they created the beautiful street art mural as a part of the city's Graffiti Mentoring Project.

Unfortunately, less well intentioned individuals vandalised the wall with messy tagging and poor graffiti, leaving the wall in a far poorer state than its original condition.

In 2010, over 70 artists were commissioned by the city council to redecorate the lane with their work. It continues to be worked on regularly with new pieces appearing over the years, surprising and delighting residents and tourists alike.


Famed St Ali Café is nestled on one of the most vibrant streets in Melbourne. Home to a collection of magnificent pieces, these are true masterpieces. Skilled street artists have painted their hearts on these Yarra Place walls. The art work was commissioned to created an edgy arty laneway with some depth in the region and they more than succeeded.

Needless to say, Yarra Place shines out like a beacon in the region with some of the best street art you will ever lay eyes on.

Duck into nearby Yarra St where there are a few additional bits and pieces that may tickle your fancy.

[SECTION]ACDC Lane & Duckboard Place[/SECTION]

You may want to phone a friend to come with you down this particular lane-way. While the initial entry off Flinders Lane is fairly user friendly, the back area behind restaurants and bars has a somewhat foreboding atmosphere.

Previously named Corporation Lane, it was renamed ACDC Lane on the 1st of October 2004 in honour of the world-renowned Australian rock band.

ACDC Lane is the black sheep in the commissioned lane-way street art family. It has a somewhat abandoned feel to it, q neglected idea that once was, with torn posters and faded advertisements peeling off the walls line the street. However there are some beautiful pieces to be seen and is still well worth a visit.

Duckboard Place

Following ACDC Lane around the bend will find you on Duckboard Place. These two laneways join together in a city street u-bend.

Duckboard Place has a far less abandoned atmosphere surrounding it, even though it is only one street down from ACDC Lane.

[SECTION]Little Laneway off Duke Street[/SECTION]

In the industrial heart of Abbotsford lies an unnamed alleyway decked from top to toe in a series of brightly coloured street pieces.

Although it does not possess the grandeur of some of the other streets, it's clear to see that some talented artists have traversed this little lane. You will find it on the first right off Duke Street in Abbotsford.

Nearby Veneziano First Pour Café will provide you with a tasty drop to warm you to your core after your gambol through the street.

One look at their uniquely painted coffee machine and sublime latte art will complete your quest for the perfect combination of coffee and art.

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