Where's the Best Restaurant around Rundle Street

Where's the Best Restaurant around Rundle Street


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Located within a stone's throw from Rundle Mall, Rundle Street is more than just a shopping street; it is also a good place to grab a bite to eat. The range of restaurants is quite diverse, covering a wide range of cuisines in both informal and more upmarket settings.

Having been at Rundle Street since 1995, Lemongrass Thai Bistro is a great place for diners in the mood for Thai food. Many of their dishes are a bit different from those normally offered at Thai restaurants. One of them was their Chargrilled Baby Octopus, which featured tender grilled octopi with Asian coleslaw.

Located a bit off the main street, Belgian Beer Cafe offers both Belgian food and a wide variety of beers. A dish that we enjoyed there was the Carbonade a la Flamanade, which was notable for the chunks of beef being marinated in beer to impart the dish with a slightly bitter flavour.

For Thai cuisine in a more causal setting, Café Michael 2 could be the place for you. We found all the dishes we tried there to be delicious. Among them was Crispy Beef, which was crispy with a moreish spiced flavour.

Taj Tandoor Indian Restaurant is the place to go for diners wanting Indian cuisine prepared with fresh vegetables and locally sourced ingredients. Their Steamed Fish Banana Leaf was a joy to eat, consisting of tender fish with a delectable spiced flavour. This dish also notably came with a serving of rice, making it a great choice for those dining on their own.

Befitting its name, Schnithouse specialises in the Australian favourite, schnitzels, with diners getting the choice of having chicken, beef, fish, pork or a vegetarian option. The vegetarian option was distinctive for having mushrooms and mashed sweet potatoes sandwiched between two pieces of eggplant, making it as filling as the meat options. Choices for having the schnitzel served range from a simple accompaniment of a sauce to more "deluxe" topping options.

Vegetarians need not worry about missing out on the dining delights, Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha is where you can enjoy a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Their Sambal Not-Cod Fish was one of the dishes that were vegetarian takes of meat-based counterparts, using vegetarian substitutes to stand in for the meat.

For a unique finish to your meal, pay a visit to Scroll Ice Cream . Its name is taken from the process of spreading out the ice cream mixture on a cold plate machine before rolling it up into the distinctive scroll-like shape. Both Western and Asian inspired flavours are available, ensuring that there is a flavour to suit everyone's tastes.

Where have you enjoyed delicious food around Rundle Street? We would like to know so we can give it a try.

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