Where's the Best Public Art in Brisbane

Where's the Best Public Art in Brisbane


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Where's the Best Public Art in Brisbane?

[SECTION]Where's the Best Public Art in Brisbane?[/SECTION]
Cezary Stulgis has created many fascinating artworks but four of his statues grace the inner city streets of Brisbane. Born in Poland, he has mastered various forms of art and has had exhibitions around Australia, Poland and London.

Each time I meet one of Stulgis' statues, I find myself drawn in, absorbed by their public statement and fascinated by their curious calm energy. They command one to look and wonder at the meaning, at his skill and admire the distorted but realistic contours of his bespoke creations. From an early age, I've been drawn to bronze statues (blame the Greeks), yet The Guardian is stainless steel, quite different but equally demands my attention.

His most recent statue [2015] is the caste bronze angel called "Aurora", maybe because it was commissioned by the apartment building bearing the same name? She sits just outside the Aurora Towers building and maybe watching out over the busyness of that hectic intersection, but her eyes have no detail. Could it be that our mortal carry on is of no real interest to her?

She has long hair, a thick fringe and what looks like a Celtic armband. And although her wings are spread, one doesn't get the impression that she is flying off anywhere soon. Just letting us know that she is different and present – is this how an angel should be?

The Guardian is another street statue by Stulgis but made of welded stainless steel [2008] so more sleek and shiny. He stands on the gutter's edge like an oversized schoolboy with a wolf's head, yet seems to be watching the main intersection and all the pedestrians passing by or crossing the road.

Resembling a tall lanky schoolboy because he wears shorts, a hoodie and a backpack. His gumboots are more puss in boots style ,which adds another dimension of curiosity. I must clarify that I do not know the pedestrian in my photo, she did not pose but I was fascinated that she stood in such a similar manner – possibly seen him too often and taking on some of his characteristics?

Dialogue consists of two bronze statues [2004] seated on a tiled wall in very calm relaxed poses that is such a stark contrast to the bustling professionals rushing past with barely a glance. These two are also larger than life and their imperfections add to their beauty.

They sit sideways to each other as if engaged in an intimate conversation with one they know well – hence the dialogue title? An older WeekendNotes article shows these two in isolation on an empty night street. Vastly different to my photos with their size and calm emphasised by the busy lunchtime scene. I was unable to take a larger photo including both due to the constant stream of pedestrians.

Do you have a favourite public artwork in Brisbane? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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