Where are the Best Nature Play Playgrounds in Adelaide

Where are the Best Nature Play Playgrounds in Adelaide


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Nature play playgrounds have been popping up all over Adelaide recently, replacing the traditional multiplay playground equipment once found in many places. They offer more fun for kids who really love variety, especially unusual play equipment such as at St Kilda adventure playground , and even the more modest pirate ship that was at Goodale Reserve until recently.

Nature play is all about stimulating children by encouraging them to interact with their environment, and nature play in parks is a popular ongoing program of activities from Nature Play SA. However if you don't have time to travel to a national park or recreation reserve, a local nature playground is a great alternative for active children.

Nature play playgrounds have a few features which distinguish them from the older style plastic multiplay play equipment found almost everywhere. New nature playgrounds in Adelaide aim to recreate natural landscapes in miniature, allowing children to play naturally as their grandparents once did. These playgrounds have contoured or uneven surfaces, often with logs, steps, running water and a sandpit - quite like a creek environment.

There may be rocks to sit on, tree branches to play with, and even materials to make a cubby house. Ideally the playground will be aesthetically attractive and clean, with some natural vegetation and grass, catering for a range of ages including toddlers and older children.

Here are a few new nature playgrounds that we have visited recently - feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Jervois Street Reserve Playground South Plympton
The Jervois Street Reserve Playground is set in attractive landscaped surroundings, with facilities including a picnic shelter and toilets. It has been mentioned as dog friendly, but while the nature playground is fully fenced, the reserve is not.

Toddlers love to play in the sandpit with running water, and there are buckets, spades and other toys to encourage creative play. A series of steps to the top of a mound lead to dual slides, and a tunnel through the mound is a great idea and is well used. There are lots of fun things to do for kids, and also an outdoor gym and chess tables for adults. Well done City of Marion.

Katherine Street Reserve Playground Fullarton
At Katherine Street Reserve nature play is an integral part of the fun for kids and toddlers, with a large sandpit and running water set in a pleasant environment with a natural feel, There's a picnic shelter and even in-ground trampolines, but the playground is not fenced - beware if you have child who is a runner.

Ossie Goldsworthy Reserve Playground Blackwood
The new nature playground at Ossie Goldsworthy Reserve in Blackwood is in a typical natural Adelaide Hills setting - it doesn't even need shade sails due to the number of trees. It too has sandpit and water, with a multiplay piece of play equipment that looks natural with its wood construction. I imagine the playground will get muddy in winter, but I guess nature play is for adults too.

More New Nature Playgrounds
A new nature playground at Morialta Conservation Park is inspired by nature and will have five themed play areas, with structures created from recycled or sustainable materials. The seven metre tall Eagle's Perch is crowned with a giant bird's nest, while at Frog Island children can discover an Aboriginal fire pit, search for animal carvings in the bush and use stepping stones to cross a creek.

At Barrans Reserve nature play playground in Lower Mitcham there's a jungle theme on a more modest scale than at Morialta Conservation Park. Kids can take a ride in a jeep, sit on a snake springer, or mimic Tarzan and Jane on the multiplay structure. While it's fully fenced, there are no toilet facilities.

Nature Play in Adelaide Parklands
Of course Adelaide parklands and parks have always been nature play playgrounds - long before the term was even thought of. Our parklands are perfectly placed to provide free nature play activities for kids, with their natural environment, small creeks, and wildlife. Take a walk in Park 6 to get close to nature with horses, follow the Wirrarninthi Trail through wetlands in Park 23 or get other ideas from a free ebook you can download.

What do you think are the best nature play playgrounds in Adelaide?
After visiting these new playgrounds recently, we wondered where are the best playgrounds for nature play in Adelaide? When chatting to people that I met, I found that many parents (and grandparents) try out playgrounds in quite a wide area, so we'd love to hear your opinion. Why not post your choice in the comments?

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