Best Plant Based Degustations in Brisbane

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Posted 2023-06-06 by Carly Ogbornefollow
Corny but never cheesy - lettuce share Brisbane's best plant based degustations

Gone are the days when plant-based dining was limited to uninspired salads - today, plant-based diets have become a vibrant movement, creatively curating ingredients to provide a high quality dining experience.

Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike will all find something to enjoy from this list of Brisbane's plant-based degustations.

Deer Duck Bistro

[U]The Restaurant[/U]

Despite its humble name, Deer Duck Bistro is an Auchenflower (396 Milton Road) establishment that offers fine dining and degustation experiences. The restaurant's ambiance is quirky and artistic, with French Renaissance furniture, antique paintings, and crystal whiskey decanters.

[U]The Degustation[/U]

There are three vegetarian degustation options at Deer Duck Bistro.

The five-course menu provides entrees, pasta, main, and dessert for $85 per person.

The short course, at $110 per person, offers a diverse range of flavours by combining elements such as cheese, vegetables, pasta, fruits, and various sauces and seasonings.

Finally, the long course offers creative and intricate dishes with a focus on fresh ingredients, unique flavour pairings, and visually appealing presentations, and is $129 per person.

e'cco bistro

[U]The Restaurant[/U]

Another fancy-pants restaurant with a bucolic name, e'cco (63 Skyring Terrace, Newstead) is a hatted, mega award-winning establishment and a name that appears often in lists of Brisbane's best. They offer a la carte dishes and an extensive range of multi-course degustation options.

[U]The Degustation[/U]

The newly introduced Plant Based tasting menus are a culinary journey designed specifically for plant enthusiasts. The menu, available for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, offers four or five courses, with optional vegan wine pairing available.

Vegans can sample dishes like caramelised figs, green apple gelato, and sourdough bread, while vegetarians are served plates including gnocchi, roasted vegetables, tarts, and cakes.

Both options are $95 for four courses and $110 for five courses.


[U]The Restaurant[/U]

You might expect a restaurant called Libertine to be opulent and over the top - and you would be absolutely correct! Located within the historic Barracks building on Petrie Terrace, the French-Vietnamese restaurant is a feast for the eyes with its chandeliers and gold leaf embellishments.

[U]The Degustation[/U]

Libertine offers a huge range of banquets and long lunches. Every Tuesday, starting at 5pm, they offer a five-course feast for $49 per person with vegan and vegetarian menus available.

Bookings are essential and can be made here .

Rogue Bistro

[U]The Restaurant[/U]

Another ironically named bistro, this time in Newstead (14 Austin Street). Rogue's degustation menu makes the selection at e'cco look scant, with a seasonal option offered each month and a list to suit every dietary restriction, from vegan to dairy-gluten free.

[U]The Degustation[/U]

The Rogue Dego Menu offers a range of 6 course feasts for $95 per person. Both options come with a selection of snacks, followed by mains and desserts.

While the menu is seasonal, standouts at the time of printing include charcoaled mushrooms, roasted heirloom tomatoes, and a wattleseed creme brulee.

If you've enjoyed a delicious degustation recently, share your experience with us in the comments below.

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