Three Best Places to Visit in Tasmania That Aren't Cradle Mountain

Three Best Places to Visit in Tasmania That Aren't Cradle Mountain


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Three Best Places to Visit in Tasmania (That Aren't Cradle Mountain)

The best thing about Tasmania is its diversity. The state hosts a whole range of landscapes, from forests to coastlines, to snowy mountains. You can't go wrong by hopping in your car and setting off on impromptu - but if you're short of time, make sure to prioritise these three destinations.

Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires region is truly unique because of the orange moss that grows on the smooth round rocks which form the coastline. It is a colour we are not used to seeing, except in manufactured items or design.

The 50-kilometre stretch is also defined by its white sand and the vibrant blue of the ocean. Orange, blue and white form a unique combination of colours that is not to be missed.

The ocean on a calm day will add to the vibe. The slow heave-ho of the fizzing water up and down the rocks makes for a calming repetition.
Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond National Park is accessible by a series of winding dirt backroads that travel through thick temperate forest.

At the point the apline area becomes too steep to maintain trees, the landscape becomes otherworldly.

Scraggly mountain slopes, covered in scree, create the perfect surface to catch the light of the setting sun.

In winter, there will be snow cover, making the region both enchanting and difficult to drive without chains.
Liffey Falls

You walk through the rainforest surrounding Liffey Falls and can't help but think, this has to be really really good for me.

Trees and ferns pump oxygen into the air. The smell of damp fertile earth and stewing plant detritus gently burns your nostrils. The trickle of water, growing louder every moment, relaxes you and slows your breathing.

If a flake of your skin happened to get buried in this soil, a clone of you would probably sprout in its place.

The falls themselves, although small, are spectacular to look at, and have multiple levels. The intricacy of the still plants and shining wet rocks, along with the movement of the water, are ideal for long exposure photography.

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