The Best Places to Buy Succulents in Sydney

The Best Places to Buy Succulents in Sydney


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With home styling popular during lockdowns, many have discovered the joys of succulents. They're easy to care for and come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and textures; they're the perfect houseguest.

If you too have fallen in love with succulents and would like to add to your collection, there are lots of places in Sydney, where you can buy cheap, rare and beautiful succulents.

Where are the best places to buy succulents in Sydney?

You might head to your nearest Bunnings store or nursery which, depending upon the store size, has a wide variety and reasonable prices. However, they stock the most common types and often you can find the same thing cheaper, elsewhere.

Some Big W stores sell succulents, but not all. Katoomba store has trays of assorted succulents ranging from $5-$11 depending upon the plant size. Macarthur Square (Campbeltown), Bankstown and Carnes Hill stores all have garden centres with succulents.

Shopping at Big W or Bunnings is convenient as you can stock up on soil, pots and other paraphernalia, but if you want the good succulents, you'll need to venture further afield.

Buying succulents is almost like joining a secret club. There's private Facebook groups, viewings by appointment only, and often the address is given out the morning of the viewing.

Many of the best succulent nurseries are in outer Sydney, usually accessible by car only.

The easiest place to find succulents in Sydney is regular weekend markets. Often you'll find dedicated succulent sellers who hold a stall every week.
  • Marrickville Markets - 142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204. There's a small stall selling herbs and succulents from $5-$10. Sundays 10am to 3pm.
  • Minto Markets - 10 Swettenham Rd Minto NSW 2566. Here you can find multiple succulent stalls with plants ranging from $2-$20. Thursday and Saturday 5am to 2pm.
  • Sydney's Trash and Treasure Bazaar - 1895 Camden Valley Way Horningsea Park. There are a few regular succulent sellers with a large variety and healthy plants ranging from $8-$40. Sundays from 8am to 2pm.
  • Paddy's Markets - 9-13 Hay St Haymarket NSW 2000. There are several stalls selling small succulents and bonsai in nice pots. Ranging from $12-$30. Friday to Sunday 10am to 6pm.

  • Held annually, the Collectors' Plant Fair is where you'll find rare and exotic succulents (amongst other unique plants) from nurseries interstate. It's a great way to visit many nursery stalls in a single day and talk to experts.

    Specialist succulent nurseries are run from backyards rather than shopfronts. Most don't have websites and with zero signage, often the only way you'll know is by an abundance of succulents in their garden or oversized cacti falling over their fence.

    However, most have Facebook pages where you can request an appointment. The best place to discover these is Facebook marketplace. If you browse for succulents and look at the name of the seller, often they'll allude to running an at-home nursery.

    However, here's some that I've visited that are worth checking out:
  • Rare Plants and Succulent Nursery - Rossmore by appointment only. A large collection of beautiful succulents and cacti ranging from $5-$100
  • Castell Garden Centre - 270 Gurner Ave Kemps Creek NSW 2178 (close to Rossmore)
  • Coachwood Nursery - Will have a stall at the Collectors Plant Fair . They have regular open days, check their website for details - 900 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby NSW 2250.
  • Hamilton's World of Cacti & Succulents 2 Fourth Avenue, Llandilo NSW 2747. Offers appointments only.

  • Facebook Marketplace
    A quick search for succulents will result in thousands of listings that appear to be cheap, incredible, and rare succulents.

    However, listings can be deceiving. Most commonly you'll find listings for $1 succulents are clickbait as the pictures don't match the price.

    Succulents priced at $1-$2 are often cuttings, so they don't yet have roots. It can be a cheap way to add a variety of plants to your collection, but buying established plants will mean a higher chance of success as not all cuttings grow roots.

    If you have time to search and the transportation to pick them up, you can find some genuine bargains including free plants .

    At home, nurseries are usually cash only and viewings by appointment. Message them via Facebook.
  • Succulent Lovers - Buy & Sell A group of sellers and enthusiasts where you can ask questions, ask for advice and find excellent succulents for sale.
  • Mary Vo has a nice selection of semi-rare succulents from an at-home nursery.
  • Hannah's Garden has good sized plants with reasonable prices.

  • Every Saturday and Sunday from 8am till 3pm at 723 Great Western Highway Faulconbridge you can find a large outdoor succulent nursery which includes pots and statues. Stock varies, but generally, you can find a selection starting from $2 up to $20. The more you buy, the better the price.

    Boutique florists and garden centres are cashing in on the succulent craze and you'll find more are stocking up, though they are beautiful, that also means they are expensive. But if you need a succulent in a hurry here's some worth checking out:
  • Botanical Art - 3/297 Great Western Highway Lawson Blue Mountains NSW 2783
  • Eden Flower Studio Shop 102 / 33 Village Cct Gregory Hills NSW 2557
  • Eden Garden Centre 307 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

  • Online
    A growing number of nurseries are selling bare-rooted succulents and cacti via courier. Whilst there are some risks like damage to the plant, some offer succulent seeds which are less risky to post.

  • Australian Succulents offers Australian succulent seeds via mail

  • Random
    One day, whilst driving in the Blue Mountains, I turned down Frenchmans Road in Bullaburra where I stumbled upon an honesty plant shop with boxes of Aeoniums on sale for $1 each.

    Another time I drove past a vacant lot in Edmonson Park which was about to be cleared for housing. I noticed several varieties of cacti and succulents growing wildly including flapjacks, pig face and bunny ear cacti.

    Another day I stopped by a beautiful private garden in Linden to admire their flowers and succulents. The owner was watering the garden and we started chatting. Before long we were taken on a private tour of his entire garden and offered cuttings of anything we wanted.

    If you want to join the actual club, you can become a member of the Succulent Society here .

    Succulent growers love talking about succs, showing off their succs and sharing their succs.

    So, always keep an eye out, because you never know where you may find a beautiful succulent, waiting to join your collection. Just don't delve into someone's garden without their permission. Happy succulent hunting.

    Have a beautiful succulent you'd love to share or a place you love buying succulents from? Comment below!

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