Where's the Best Pizza on the Gold Coast

Where's the Best Pizza on the Gold Coast


Posted 2013-07-14 by Justine Crowleyfollow

Pizza and kebabs are ever popular snacks and meals on the Gold Coast, especially in areas right near main beach attractions. There are many great places to enjoy a quality pizza on the Gold Coast - but the question right now is, where is the best pizza on the Gold Coast?

The pizza at Papa George's Pizza Bar is so tasty, so real and authentic. That real authentic Italian taste and flavour bursts supreme. Although about fifty cents more per slice, their margherita and other pizza slices ($3 a slice) are real winners. So quick and easy, and Papa George's is also in a convenient location, right near the beach. Their pizza slices pave the way for a really spectacular afternoon treat. Generous servings of mozzarella cheese with the right amount of sauce, and one slice is enough to fill you up between lunch and dinner time. The pizzas here are always fresh and piping hot, never dry.

Ordering a whole pizza to yourself at Palazzo Versace is heaven within itself, yet with a much higher price tag. Their margherita pizza ($22 plus $5 room service charge if a guest staying at the hotel) is out of this world. There are real fresh herbs, like oregano and basil sprinkled on the pizza. You can help yourself to some fresh peppercorns, and sprinkling just a few really brings out the freshness and flavours of this pizza delight, of which is a real meal in itself. It took this writer about two hours to down it with plenty of iced water, while watching TV.

The Gold Coast is really home to some exceptional pizzas. It is difficult to decide, and there are no excuses to indulge in pizzas that aren't piping hot with quality cheese that melts in your mouth simultaneously.

What do you think? Where is the Gold Coast's best pizza for you? Please share by leaving your comments where indicated.

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