Best Paintball Locations in Perth

Best Paintball Locations in Perth


Posted 2011-09-25 by Jessica Vallsfollow
Paintball is just one of those games that opens up a world of action and fun for those who love an adventure.

There are many paintball locations in Perth but some of them are quite far from the city. I have only tried paintball once and it was totally worth it. I will definitely be going again. In the mean time, for those who have never tried paintball and are planning to, here are two places that I had checked out before. I ended up going to the one closest the city and it was really good, and next time I'll be going to the other one. Both did look really good, location and price wise.

Wasp Paintball

This one is the nearest outdoor paintball field to Perth CBD. They offer nice different tournament fields and bush-based scenario fields. They also have different packages for different occasions: corporate events, birthday packages and even for bucks night.

I would suggest you go for at least half a day. One paintball session is made up of 9 games, which can last quite long if you buy the right amount of balls. There are morning and afternoon sessions. You can also do group sessions, and if you are more than 20 people it is possible to get a field to yourselves.

For paintballers, there are also other free facilities for you to enjoy. They have a swimming pool, showers and changing rooms, a licensed bar and BBQ areas.

For spectators, there is a viewing area, and for beginners there are even training nights available.

For bookings and more information check out their website:

Paintball Skirmish

This paintball field is not as close as the previous one but it is WA's most popular paintball field.

They also have good packages and great deals for kids and teens, especially before the end of the year. Every entry per person includes a session of about 8 games, depending on the package, and all players are provided with a paintball gear.

I think one thing they have and Wasp paintball does not is greater fields. The skirmish complex has a pine forest, a village, a double decker bus, a maze and other different scenarios.

For bookings, time session and other information check out their website:

Now, here are some game tips from my first session:
1. If you go as a team, it's much more fun. You can sort out strategies with your friends - for example to can call them out for backup.
2. Try to keep most of your body hidden and no one will get you in the face.
3. Try not to walk out in the open and get a team mate to cover your back.
4. Remember to aim otherwise you'll just waste your balls.
5. And finally, one of the most important tips ever: your opponent will not always come from the front. So watch your back!

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