Best of British - Fringe World 2020

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Posted 2020-01-20 by Kirsty Wildefollow

Hosted by The Court on Beaufort street, you can witness the Best of British Comedy at Perth Fringe World 2020!

My partner and I headed to The Court early last Friday evening to have a drink before our night of British Comedy shows- we first went to see Australia: A Whinging Poms Guide, followed by our next instalment of Brit humour with the Best of British.

The Best of British Fringe brought with it 3 unique stand-up acts that were expertly woven together by the comedic host Dan Willis, who was also the maker of the previous show we attended. If you are seeing these shows back to back you will notice a few re-used jokes from the host, which isn't an issue as there is also fresh material and he is mainly the MC of the evening.

The comedy started strong, with plenty of quick-paced humour and inappropriate comments which pleased the crowd to no end. The second comedian was a change of pace, delivering slower jokes but with a unique flavour that made it very entertaining. The closer was an Irish comedian who had us all in fits, expertly joking about the potato famine and beating others to the punch with his references to Leprechauns. All in all, it was a great night of stand-up, and running for only an hour it was a short, sharp evening of unique laughs!

There are plenty of tickets available from the 20th of January, all the all the way through to the 14th of February, and the prices range from $25 to $30 per ticket, so gets yours now! The Fringe sizzle factor is mild, but you can expect some more colourful anecdotes that will for sure make you question the validity of a 'mild' label

Check out the Fringe event page for exact dates and times still available and have a fantastic Fringe!

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