The 3 Best Nude Beaches in Queensland

The 3 Best Nude Beaches in Queensland


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Let's start with a warning: nude bathing, or 'naturism', is illegal in Queensland. Strip off on a warm beach and you'll be liable for an instant fine. Nevertheless, the human spirit knows no bounds, and while the Free Beach Association of Queensland lobbies to legalize public nakedness, there are a few unofficial nude hotspots within driving distance of Brisbane. If you don't share the Queensland government's fear of deviants - or if you're a bit of a deviant yourself - then you've got some interesting options. Just remember to wear sunscreen.

Alexandria Bay

The area between Granite and Alexandria Bay at Noosa Heads used to be a nude bathing favourite - secluded, beautiful and private - but since then they've upgraded the nearby walking trails. Unless you're interested in putting on a show for daywalkers and backpackers, head on down to Alexandria Bay itself for some privacy. It's a 3km scenic walk that you'll probably want shoes for, but once you reach the southern end of the beach you can lose them (and everything else).

Buchans Point

Buchans Point is the closest thing Cairns Beaches has to a nude beach. Sandwiched between Ellis Beach and Palm Cove, Buchans Point has attracted naturists of all shapes and sizes since the fifties. It's favoured by the Cairns Sunboys - a gay nude social group - and is one of the areas that the Free Beach Association is trying to get legalized. Go ahead and make a protest by yourself - a one-person Occupy movement, only with more nudity.

Balding Bay Beach

Despite its questionably legal status, Balding Bay Beach is a very strong contender for the best nudist beach in Australia. It's on Magnetic Island, off the coast of Townsville, and requires either a boat or about an hour's walk to get to. Backpackers can stay in the nearby campground - and conversely, if you're a non-nudist backpacker, be aware that this beach is likely to have naked people on it.

There are plenty more nudist beaches along the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere: Pretty Beach, Cape Kimberly and Cow Bay, for example. If you think one of these deserves top three status, or if you're a Queensland policeman, leave your thoughts (or warnings) in the comments - we'd love to hear from you.

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