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Posted 2011-04-16 by Sarah Hanfollow
There's an abundance of nightclubs in Sydney, so it can sometimes b difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad. I've attempted to sift through all the clubs I've been to, and I've come up with eight clubs that are at the top of my list.

The clubs are classified according to their purpose, the music, the dancing, and the venue amongst other criteria. So here I present to you my picks of the best nightclubs in Sydney.

Oxford Art Factory
The reason why Oxford Art Factory (often abbreviated to OAF) makes my top nightclubs is its artistic quality. This Oxford Street bar and club is the perfect marriage of visual art and live music. I put OAF at the top of the Best Club for Live Gigs category.

The two-room venue boasts an artsy concept. It was "inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory in New York during the 60s", the website reveals. This explains the creative design. The venue has the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory - unfinished and industrial.

Not only does OAF host countless DJs and live music, it also functions an art gallery. OAF presents installations, art collections, and murals, which can all be absorbed while you're having drinks or dancing to live music or DJs.
Home The Venue**
Located at the picturesque Darling Harbour, Home is the ultimate venue for clubbing. I'd classify it as the Best Overall Venue due to its sheer size. It also has a great sound system which ensures a superb music experience.

The large venue can accommodate 2100 people. Home The Venue is a three-level nightspot with a contemporary concept. Each area has its own theme and its own music. There's also a rooftop area that flaunts beautiful harbour views.

Home is the ultimate venue for DJs and artists. It's also available for special events or even functions. See the contact details on the website if you'd like to book the venue or see further information.
World Bar**
I dub World Bar the Best Club for Teapots. Yes, this probably sounds a little ridiculous, but it's true. World Bar serves cocktails in a teapot with plastic shot glasses to share between people. It's a fun drinking experience, despite the fact that the actual cocktails within the teapot aren't the greatest.

World Bar can be found at the iconic Kings Cross. This nightspot is open everyday of the week for different events, which is quite rare for a nightclub. It can get quite packed, so be prepared to queue up at the bar and bump elbows when you're getting jiggy with it on the dance floor.

The decor here is fun and quirky. World Bar used to be a Victorian terrace, but it has been transformed into a four-storey nightlife haven. The eclectic furnishings add to its quirk factor. Chandeliers, wallpapered walls and Pacman ornamentations are just some of the ways World Bar charms club-goers.

Chinese Laundry
Chinese Laundry is on this list for a few reasons but mostly because of its sound system. Accordingly, it tops the Best Sound System class. Situated in the Sydney City, Chinese Laundry is one of the longest running clubs. The nightclub features a good range of international and local DJs in the dungeon-like main room.

The club is downstairs, giving it an underground feel. Its decor is eclectic - for one thing, there's a washing machine in the main area. I found the three-room club a little bit like a maze, which can be problematic when intoxicated.

Chinese Laundry is part of Slip Inn (a Merivale venue), which is ideal for after-work drinks before heading down to Chinese Laundry. This is especially true of the Garden Bar, a fresh and charming open-air terrace area.

Hugos Lounge
Hugos Lounge at Kings Cross is a classy club. But on top of the luxurious cocktails and trendy crowd, the bar and club also serves delicious $5 pizzas. I therefore give Hugos the Best Club for Pizza and Cocktails title.

Hugos is at its best on Sundays, when it offers $5 cocktails and $5 pizzas. Granted, the cocktails are pre-mixed, but for $5 you can't expect more. I always have the Cosmopolitan or the Bellini. The pizzas are of the same standard as the ones from Hugos Bar Pizza (located downstairs next to Hugos Lounge), but there's only a shorter menu available.

The interior design here is chic - leather lounges and ottomans fill the venue. There's a heated balcony area and a terrace lounge, accompanied by lounge music. Inside, there's a dance floor playing more upbeat music. Admittedly, Hugos is not the best place to go for music, but the dance floor is still inviting.

The Ivy
When the Merivale group opened Ivy a few years ago, it was the most exclusive bar and club in Sydney. It's not quite as exclusive as it used to be, but it still developed a reputation for being pretentious and snobby. I call Ivy the Best Club for Dressing Up and Looking Hot.

Located smack in the city, this popular two-level venue is well-known for being selective. The general consensus is that you have to either be really hot or have connections to get in, but this isn't as extreme anymore.

The Ivy has a sophisticated outdoor theme - the colour palette is white and yellow with splashes of green. Yellow and white stripes are a recurring motif seen in the lounge chairs and marquees. Sit yourself on the garden furniture and sip on the Ivy's delicious expensive cocktails. Or dance the night away on the grassy dance floor.

The Ivy has upped the ante with its Ivy Pool Club . In summer, Ivy Pool is the go-to place for attractive Sydneysiders to strut their stuff in a bikini and a cocktail in hand. It's even more elitist than the rest of Ivy, but it's perfect on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Yes, the Ivy is a bit showy and swank, but that's part of the appeal. It just depends on what kind of club you're into.

I pronounce Tank the Best R&B Nightclub in Sydney. Every Friday Tank holds an event called RNB Superclub. Another Merivale enterprise, Tank is conveniently located in the city. The venue is made of two levels and boasts a large dance floor.

A mixed crowd can be found at RNB Superclub. With its good music and trendy decor, it's no surprise that Tank attracts a large crowd. Compared to some of the other R&B clubs in Sydney, Tank is definitely the biggest and also the most aesthetically pleasing.

Fake Club
An honourable mention goes to Fake Club at Kings Cross, which I'd classify under Best New Nightclub, but I've already reviewed Fake Club in a separate article (see the review here ).

So there you have it. Everybody has a different idea of what makes a good nightclub, which is why I've tried to include a wide range of clubs. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment box below.

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