Best New York Whiskey Bars

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Posted 2011-06-13 by Jessica Mousseaufollow

Whiskey bars are exactly what they sound like—they sell drinks in which the primary ingredient is whiskey. There may be some other spirits available, but the offerings will lean heavily on the different kinds of whiskey, and there are several different kinds. These include Scotch, Tennessee, Rye, Irish, and, of course, moonshine.

In case you're wondering about that last type, it is legal to make moonshine as long as you're doing it for legal sale, you meet all the government rules and regulations, and, naturally, you pay the taxes on it. So, when you're visiting one of the whiskey bars listed below, go ahead and ask for a drink that has moonshine in it; they probably have at least one.

Highlands , 150 W. 10th Street

This is an upscale "gastropub" (it provides a dinner menu as well as whiskey drinks) with a distinctive Scottish atmosphere. Drink choices include hot toddies, a "Blood and Sand" (Scotch, orange juice, and other ingredients), or you can ask the bartender what he recommends. If the Scotch whiskey gives you enough "Dutch courage", order the haggis.

Vintry , 57 Stone Street

You'll think you've returned to the days of Prohibition when you enter this whiskey and wine bar. It has a slightly seedy "speakeasy" feel to it, but don't worry, everything's legal.
This bar is located in the Financial District, so it's convenient to anyone working in that area. You'll enjoy the wide selection of whiskeys as well as the intimacy this bar offers.

St. Andrew's , 140 W. 46th Street
The bartenders take the Scottish theme to the limit with their kilts and authentic Scottish brogue. You'll enjoy listening to them talk and admiring their tartans as you sip a 1-oz. or 2-oz. dram of single malt whiskey (if you can ever which one of the over 250 selections to have.)

Bar and Books (3 locations—636 Hudson St.; 1020 Lexington Ave.; 889 1st Ave.)
You can enjoy a good cigar with your whiskey at this very sophisticated club. Be aware that it has a dress code—no jeans or sneakers. You can also get a small bite to eat and watch James Bond films. All of these activities are guaranteed to give you a very enjoyable time at any of the three locations.

As you can see, whiskey bars can tend to be slightly more elegant than regular bars. If you prefer this sort of atmosphere, however, you'll feel right at home in any of these NYC locations.

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