Best New York Piano Bars

Best New York Piano Bars


Posted 2011-05-19 by Jessica Mousseaufollow

If your idea of going out for a drink is not going to a loud, boisterous bar, then you may enjoy going to piano bars. These are exactly what they sound like—bars that feature piano music, either exclusively or as the main program.

If you live in New York City, there are several in the area that you can visit. If you're visiting, you can check out the information below and choose which one you want to visit first.

Pianos , 158 Ludlow Street

This venue has two areas—a showroom and an upstairs lounge. Each location features different acts so you can actually get a double benefit.

Performance times are at 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM in both places. This allows you to catch a show in the downstairs showroom (there may be an admission fee) then go upstairs for another show later (this one may be free.) Either way, you're getting a relaxing, pleasant experience.

Brandy's Piano Bar , 235 E 84th Street

You may have to look a little bit to find this piano bar, because it's actually on a side street. When you do find it, though, you'll realize it was well worth the search.

Customers are invited and even encouraged to sing along with the performers as well as show off their individual talents on open mic occasions. If you want to be part of the performance, this is the bar for you.

Duplex , 61 Christopher Street

You should know that anything located in Greenwich Village is going to be a little out of the ordinary, and Duplex doesn't disappoint. This venue hosts a piano bar, an upstairs bar, and a cabaret theatre that present off-Broadway shows.

The piano bar has open mic opportunities every night of the week. If you like to participate as much as you like to listen, you can do this as part of your overall adventure at Duplex.

Piano's Bar & Grille , 36 Broad Street

The names may look similar, but this is a different venue than the one on Ludlow Street. This bar offers open mic opportunities, talent shows and drum circles, as well as performances by individuals and bands.

You can view the online schedule and pick the event that you want to attend. The events are held weekly, so if you miss one this week, you can pick it up next week.

Manhattan Inn , 632 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A short trip to Brooklyn will take you to this unique piano bar. What makes it so different? To begin with, the front space, where the bar is located, is made almost entirely from recycled lumber and materials. Further back is the piano bar, complete with a crystal chandelier hanging over the baby grand piano.

As you continue through the venue, you'll notice the eclectic use of different items, such as doorknobs that are now serving as tap handles and sugar jars being used as light fixtures. You can sit at school desks or in auditorium chairs. All of this adds up to a truly different piano bar experience.

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