Best New York Mexican Restaurants

Best New York Mexican Restaurants


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There is a strong Spanish influence in New York, and this is evident in the numerous Mexican restaurants that are located in and around the area. In fact, there are so many to choose from, you may be at a loss to decide which one is the best.

We've listed a few of the best ones below. After reading the descriptions, maybe your decision will be a little bit easier. If it's not, just make up your mind to visit all of them at one time or another.

El Parador Café , 325 E. 34th St.

This is the oldest Mexican restaurant in New York City, having been established in 1959. It was originally located at 2nd Avenue and 31st Street.

The restaurant is known for its margaritas as well as its fine food. That the food would be excellent should come as no surprise when you consider that the current owner, Alex Alejandro, is a graduate of The French Culinary Institute.

The restaurant is also known for its repeat customers, many of whom started their relationships here. They mark special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other events by coming back to El Parador Café.

Rosa Mexicano (three locations—1st Avenue, Lincoln Center, Union Square)

The first Rosa Mexicano restaurant opened in 1984, and has since expanded to three locations. The Midtown location is the original one, but that doesn't mean the other two at Lincoln Center and Union Square isn't as good.

No matter which location you visit, you'll enjoy the authentic Mexican dishes served in an atmosphere that is as unique as Mexico itself. You may find yourself dining at a restaurant that features water walls while sitting at handcrafted furniture.

Zarela , 953 2nd Ave.

The restaurant is named for its owner, Zarela Martinez, who brought her talent for Mexican cooking to New York in 1983. She got her start at Café Marimba, but soon decided to open her own restaurant, Zarela. Needless to say, her loyal customers followed her to her new establishment.

When you eat at Zarela, you'll discover why she has just a loyal clientele. The food is superb and Zarela has become even more famous in the 21 years she's operated her own restaurant. Come see for yourself today.


When you dine at Crema, you may wonder if you're eating at a Mexican or a French restaurant. This is because the owner/chef, Julieta Ballesteros, has combined both cultures to create a unique setting. Located in Chelsea, the restaurant has been in business since 2006. You're not far from Union Square Park, the Flatiron District, and other famous locations and attractions. Visiting them will be more fun after you've enjoyed your very different meal at Crema.

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