Best New York Eyebrow Gurus

Best New York Eyebrow Gurus


Posted 2011-05-19 by Jessica Mousseaufollow

If you're like me, once you've had your eyebrows professionally shaped and groomed, you'll never want to put another pair of eyebrow tweezers in your hands again, nor try a home waxing kit. You'd rather let someone else do it, because for some reason, it doesn't hurt as bad and the results are a whole lot better.

If you live or work in New York City, you know that it usually doesn't take long at all to get your eyebrows shaped, unless you are getting something specific, like threading, done. With so many eyebrow gurus available in and around the City, you're sure to find a place that you can "pop in to" for a quick maintenance waxing, or schedule a longer treatment, if that's what you want.

Madhu's Eyebrows (2 locations)

With two New York City locations, one at 106 MacDougal Street and the other at 1-5 Greenwich Avenue, you'll have no problem finding one that's close to where you live and work. Once you've found the most convenient one, you can enjoy getting your eyebrows threaded or just waxed and shaped, whichever service you require.

Because both locations are in Greenwich Village, you can be sure that the atmosphere will probably be a little "funky", but that's OK. That just makes your experience more fun. And, with the reasonable prices, you'll be able to go as often as you need to.

Eliza's Eyes , 30 East 76th Street

This is actually an eye spa, so you know right away, you're going to have an entirely different experience than you have probably had before. Another thing about using Eliza's Eyes is you never know who you might see, because she is the "go-to" person for eyebrow shaping for some of the biggest New York celebrities.

Eliza (yes, there really is an Eliza, and you can ask for her personally) also wants men to know how important good eyebrow grooming can be to their appearance. She offers eyebrow grooming services for men that will improve your looks. Many male celebrities use her, so you know she has to be good.

Eliut Salon , 762 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor

This is a very exclusive Madison Avenue salon, so expect to pay a more for the services than you would elsewhere. You won't mind, though, because the eyebrow treatments and other services you receive will be worth the money.

This is another shop where you may share a styling chair with an "A" list celebrity, because this shop is very popular with them. If you do find yourself in the company of a celebrity, please be respectful of their privacy and personal space. After all, they want the same relaxing experience that you are receiving.

Shobha (3 locations)

If you live or work on Westside, you can go to the 3 Columbus Circle location of Shobha, but not on Monday. They're closed. If you need a Monday appointment, you can go to the Madison location at 41 E. 57th Street, Suite 1304. They're closed on Sunday. If you're close to SoHo, you can go to the Shobha salon at 594 Broadway. They are open seven days a week.

No matter which day you go, you'll get a professional eyebrow grooming that is performed under very sanitary conditions. You don't have to worry about the delicate area around your eyes being exposed to dirt or germs that could get in your eyes and cause an infection.

Cynergy Spa , 87 Fort Green Place, Brooklyn

If you live in Brooklyn, Cynergy Spa is there to provide you with full spa services, which include eyebrow grooming. Again, you can order complete spa packages or ask for eyebrow grooming services separately. No matter what you choose, you'll come away feeling relaxed and looking your best. And, since Cynergy Spa is so convenient to Brooklyn residents, you can return as often as you need to for "maintenance" eyebrow grooming.

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