Best New York Comedy Clubs

Best New York Comedy Clubs


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Everybody likes to laugh, and a comedy club is one of the best places to do that. Different headliner acts, some of them already famous, others just coming into their own, preceded by up-and-coming comedians, make for an enjoyable evening in New York City.

New York City has several comedy clubs, many of which have been used for live tapings of comedy shows that are later aired on such networks as Comedy Central and BET. If you're lucky enough to get in one on the night that a show is being taped, you're sure to have a terrific time, and you just might see yourself on TV!

Broadway Comedy Club , 318 W. 53rd Street

This is the largest comedy club in New York City, and is often the venue for such famous stars as those seen on popular talk shows or who have performed at different "laugh festivals". This is the place to come to catch the funniest and freshest acts in New York City.

The Broadway Comedy Club also offers an open mic night. If you're an aspiring comedian, take advantage of this opportunity to hone your act. You have to start somewhere, and this is the best place to do just that.

Gotham Comedy Club , 208 W. 23rd Street

This club has been open since May, 1996. The owners, Chris Mazzilli and Michael Reisman, set out to make Gotham Comedy Club unique among its genre, however, by concentrating as much on how the club looked as they did on the acts they booked. The result was a smashingly successful club.

The club's appearance and atmosphere is so different that it has actually been featured in many TV shows and films. The owners have every right to be proud of their courage in trying something different with the comedy club scene.

Eastville Comedy Club , 85 E 4th Street ยท New York

Located in New York City's East Village, this club only seats a little over 130 people, and has a distinct "retro" air about it. That's probably what makes it one of the best comedy clubs in New York City.

Eastville Comedy Club is open seven days a week. The performers are carefully selected, and you will recognize all of them from the TV shows or movies they have appeared in. You're guaranteed a good time when you visit this club.

Dangerfield's Comedy Club , 1118 1st Avenue

This is the only comedy club that is associated with a top entertainment celebrity. The late Rodney Dangerfield was proud to lend his name to what is billed as "the longest running comedy club in the world".

Mr. Dangerfield certainly deserves the respect he was always lamenting that he never got when he was on this earth, because his club has won several awards and been the subject of many favorable reviews. Visit this club and tip your hat to Rodney Dangerfield.

Carolines on Broadway , 1626 Broadway

This club is open 365 days a year, 7 nights a week. It has been in business for 29 years, having first opened in 1981. It's location at that time was in Chelsea; later it moved to South Street Seaport, and eventually to its present location in Times Square.

For a time, Carolines was the home of the A&E Network series "Caroline's Comedy Hour". Today, it is still one of the most popular clubs in New York City. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a cabaret.

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