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Posted 2011-06-03 by Jessica Mousseaufollow
If you are wondering if there is anything else for children to do in New York City besides look at tall buildings, the Statue of Liberty, and other things, you'll be pleased to know there are several museums that are geared specifically to children. That doesn't mean that adults won't have any fun, though, because there's something for all ages.

You and your child will enjoy seeing the different displays, and in some instances, interacting with the exhibits. At the end of the day, you can discuss all the things you saw and talk about which things you enjoyed most.

Children's Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) , The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street

Parents, not only will your child have fun at the CMOM, but this museum actually was designed to focus on four specific areas that can help children from preschool through adolescence prepare for and succeed in both the school, home, and public environment.

Pre-schoolers will learn through the exhibits and demonstrations in the area designed especially for them, while older children will have a chance to explore other areas that deal with arts and culture, as well as science and healthcare. Just think, you'll be sneaking in some learning along with all that fun, and they probably won't even realize it.

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum , Pier 86, West 46th Street and 12th Avenue

The USS Intrepid was an Essix-class ship built for use by the U. S. Navy during World War II. Now, this ship is permanently docked at Pier 86, and has been turned into a museum. You're actually on board the Intrepid when you are visiting the museum. You'll see original artifacts from the ship when it was in service, as well as explore the inside of a British Airways Concorde, walk on to a submarine, and do other fun things.

In addition, the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum will be the final home of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. So, make plans to visit the Intrepid in the future so you can see this amazing spacecraft.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum , 234 West 42nd Street

Kids will enjoy getting "up close and personal", sort of—they'll be separated by barriers—with celebrities, sports figures, historical figures, and other famous people whose likenesses have been immortalized in wax. Adolescent girls can swoon over perfect wax statues of Robert Pattinson or Justin Beiber, while boys—young, old, and in between can stand next to their favorite sports star.

History will come "alive" as children look at wax statues of such famous persons as Rosa Parks, George W. Bush, President Obama, and others. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

American Museum of Natural History , Central Park West at 79th Street

This museum allows you to literally pay for what you want to see. In other words, if you're only interested in viewing the 45 Museum halls and the Rose Center for Earth and Space, you can purchase a general admission ticket. Other admission tickets allow you access to other areas of the museum.

This can be a money saver for families with children who may only be interested in certain parts of the museum. And, think of it this way. Each time you return to the American Museum of Natural History, you can visit a new exhibit or area, which will make it feel like you're visiting for the very first time.

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