Best Hot Chocolates in Fremantle

Best Hot Chocolates in Fremantle


Posted 2014-06-17 by Eleanorfollow
Fremantle is known for good food and drink, as well as supporting those individual coffee bars over the bigger chains. With the onset of this colder weather it is the perfect time to get drinking hot chocolate. For those of you like me who aren't as fond of coffee and tea sometimes, you can feel a little disappointed with the standard of hot chocolate in some cafes. So I have comprised a list of places which don't fail to uphold a good standard and satisfaction level.

At the North end of the Cappuccino Strip Gino's is a well known and one of Fremantle's oldest cafes, popular for late morning coffee on the weekend and a good bit of nosh. Their hot chocolate did not really have anything wrong with it which is why it is on the list, but they have no additional syrups to add to the drink and no complimentary marshmallows. However it is at the cheaper range of the price list!
Though if you want a great people-watching spot and a seat out in the winter sunshine, Gino's is ideal for this.

Moore & Moore
Located amongst the sprawl of the Notre Dame buildings Moore & Moore sits at the end of Henry Street. This one made the list for its unique and quite delicious white hot chocolate. Their hot drinks range is quite extensive too with additions such as a 'Dirty Chai' containing a subtle hint of coffee within the chai, rather tasty. Whilst sipping on one of their many good brews you can also enjoy the art gallery situated within the building. Unlike Gino's Moore & Moore's hot chocolates always come with the marshmallows.

Chocolateria San Churro
An obvious addition to the list is San Churro a great place for those who are rather partial to the cocoa beans. This really is the place to go for the greatest variety of hot chocolates, from the classic 'Original Spanish' to something a bit different such as 'Chilli Chocolate', a much thicker consistency than other cafe versions but arguably even tastier. My personal favourite is the 'Hot and Cold', which contains a scoop of vanilla icecream, making it just as drinkable in the summer as in winter. The average price for their hot chocolates is around $6.40 but you get a rather large mug for your money. If you are fond enough of their recipe they have packs of take away mixtures you can buy to create your own San Churro experience at home.

This coffee bar I only discovered this week whilst catching up with a Notre Dame student. I was a great fan of their hot chocolates because they firstly came with great service but also at perfect drinking temperature. They have little variety here but that is made up for by their hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate, probably one of the best hot drinks I have tasted, with such a thick chocolatey foam on top. It's A little out the way down towards the Round House but if you are a Notre Dame student it will be your local coffee bar. The mocha's at Blink are also rather drinkable.

These places should keep you ticking warmly over until spring arrives. However, here are a few extra tips for those who like to drink their chocolate. Firstly if you are at a place that you know serves bland hot chocolate add a shot of caramel syrup, turns any hot chocolate in to a sweet hot delight. Lastly if you happen to be venturing over to the East Coast make sure to visit a Max Brenner, they serve the ultimate hot chocolate drinks.

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