The Ten Best Hot Chips in Sydney

The Ten Best Hot Chips in Sydney


Posted 2014-05-24 by Sarah Hanfollow
Sometimes there's nothing better than a whopping bowl of hot chips with the right seasoning, the perfect crunch and a spot-on sauce. Sydney has a plethora of chip offerings, but often it's not the run-of-the-mill French fries that you're looking for. Here's a list of where you can find unique, exceptional chips that I (as a self-confessed hot-chip lover) simply adore.

1. Beer battered chips at Three Williams
The beer battered chips at Three Williams in Redfern are out of this world. Thanks to the beer batter, they're incredibly crunchy. And the accompanying dish of house aioli is thick and moreish. Just the crunch alone makes these chips the king of fried potatoes.

2. Poutine at Hartsyard
Hartsyard has gone all out with their poutine. A Canadian treat that's originally a dish of hot chips with gravy and cheese curds, the poutine at Newtown's Hartsyard is a bit more elaborate. It's like a fairy tale of hot chips, smothered in short rib gravy and a cheddar-beer sauce that's so tasty you want to swim in it. I've been to Hartsyard twice now and the poutine ingredients sometimes change, but it's always been good regardless. I guarantee that you'll live happily ever after. The end.

3. Duck fat chips at Parlour Burger
There are very few things better in this world than duck fat chips, and the ones at Parlour Burger at The Morrison in the heart of Sydney city are no exception. Served in a cone, these are not the kind of chips made for sharing. I can easily eat a whole serving by myself. Order a few $10 cocktails to go with the chips, and you've got yourself a party.

4. Yunnan signature fries at Two Sticks
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have Chinese-style chips? Well, imagine no more. At Two Sticks, you can order their Yunnan signature fries, which are dressed in a mildly spicy Yunnan-style sauce sauce along with sprigs of coriander. I don't even like coriander, but I'm a huge fan of these tasty crinkle-cut chips.

5. Sweet potato fries at Chur Burger
Chur Burger 's hand-cut sweet potato fries are cooked to perfection, fluffy and soft inside but crunchy on the outside. The sweetness of the potato is impeccably balanced with flavours of garlic and lime. Give me more, I say.

6. Pizza fries at Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
It's self-explanatory when I say the pizza fries at Redfern's Milk Bar by Cafe Ish are awesome. They're the perfect marriage of hot crunchy chips and cheesy pizza-style toppings, including spicy jalapenos. If that sounds a bit too intense for you, the regular basket of fries is also great, especially with the accompanying wasabi mayo. And on top of that, the chips get exponentially better when washed down with one of Cafe Ish's many milkshakes.

7. Poutine at the Stuffed Beaver
The poutine at The Stuffed Beaver in Bondi is closer to the traditional Canadian dish when compared to Hartsyard. It's a glorious basket of crisp chips, smothered in cheese and gravy, all molten and delicious.

8. Chilli cheese fries at The Soda Factory
There is something weird and wonderful about fried potatoes and American cheddar sauce. The way the cheese sauce is so vibrantly orange and the way it tastes so surprisingly good with fries. Pack on some chilli con carne, and it becomes a delicious, magnificent mess. It's for these many reasons the chilli cheese fries at The Soda Factory in Surry Hills have made it onto my list.

9. Parmesan & truffle fries at Charlie & Co
Charlie & Co's parmesan & truffle fries are exactly as you'd imagine. Drizzled in truffle oil and scattered with parmesan, these crispy bad boys will leave you wanting more. In general, I prefer thick cut chips over French fries, but these ones are a standout.

10. Curly fries at Stitch Bar
If curly fries are your thing, you'll dig the ones at Stitch Bar . Dusted with a spicy powder, they're not for the faint-hearted. With a punchy kick of chilli, they're the perfect accompaniment for hot dogs and cocktails.

So there you have it. These are my personal picks for awesome hot chips and fries in Sydney. Where's your favourite place to go for a chip fix?

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