Where's the Best Homewares Shop on the Gold Coast

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Posted 2013-07-14 by Justine Crowleyfollow

The Gold Coast is a city of style and substances after all. There is a really fantastic place, situated right inside a busy and popular shopping centre that sells some really funky homewares.

So where are the best homewares found on the Gold Coast? ... Conveniently put, two shops right next door to each other in the same complex meet this feat.

A budding interior decorator, artist or homeares lover would have to be impressed with Earthborn situated inside the Pacific Fair shopping centre. Why?

For beginners, come here in June/July and nearly everything (if not everything) cute and pretty in the store is half price. Outside the shop perfectly featured a floral water holder that reflects really great value for around $39. It is pretty and would be perfect in any kitchen. Add some orange or lemon wedges, and your kitchen will have a hint of paradise.

Other homeware items like vases, candles, potpourri and anything pretty that comes in a glass can be found here. Store is well laid out, and the staff are absolutely courteous.

Although a chain store, Dusk next door was also inviting, and for $20 (although my receipt stated $27, still great value nonetheless, you don't mind) I was able to take home some crystal like gems, a glass plate and a pack of six small purple owl candles, and already a great spot has been located for these treats in my Sydney based living space, and some of these gems are now held right near my stored away tax returns and other financial documents to ward off any negative energies around finances. In feng shui, crystals are great for that. Clear crystals are also great to sit right near computers too, for a similar reason.

It would be great to see a store such as Earthbound located in Sydney and Melbourne. No doubt there are similar, yet you Gold Coast locals are exceptionally lucky to be able to buy fantastic homewares at excellent prices.

Where do you believe the best homewares store is on the Gold Coast? Looking forward to your comments.

Earthborn is still the favourite, and by far.

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