Where is the Best High Ropes Course in Sydney

Where is the Best High Ropes Course in Sydney


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Ropes courses are something I've loved since I was a kid. I like the multi-faceted challenge; testing your physical skill and also figuring out the best way to get across an obstacle. Over the years I've done a few courses, including two in Sydney; Tree Tops The Hills and Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo. A lot has changed since I did them though, these venues have evolved, and new ones have opened (and closed). I'm curious, where is the best place to go at the moment?

Below I've put together a list of the high ropes courses I've been able to find in Sydney. I'd really like to hear if you've been to any of them.

Treetops Adventure Treetops Adventure is synonymous with ropes courses for me. It's got locations all around Australia so surely it has a pretty good idea of what it's doing. Locations tend to include a range of courses, usually located within a bushland area, suitable for both kids (3 and up) and adults.

Treetops Adventure The HillsThis location is the one I visited years ago and I quite enjoyed it. In total it offers nine courses, including five junior courses for kids 3-7 years old (two junior courses and two junior pro courses), and one each of the beginner, intermediate advanced and expert courses.

Treetops Adventure St Ives St Ives is a new location I haven't visited yet. It has two easy courses for kids and a range of adult courses that get up to 15m off the ground. These include two beginner courses, two intermediate courses, one advanced course and one expert course.

Treetops Adventure Western SydneyThis location at Western Sydney Parklands has eight courses. There are five junior courses (three junior and two junior pro) as well as four tree courses (one each of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels). Setting it apart from others is the Zipcoaster Xpress (also known as the TreeTop Crazy Rider), which is a 500m zipline ride with multiple 360-degree loops that gets up to 50km an hour, making it the fasted zipline rollercoaster in the world.

Wild Ropes at Taronga ZooWild Ropes has the novelty factor of offering ropes courses over the Australian animals exhibit at Taronga Zoo . Unfortunately, that means it can be impacted by work at the zoo; the courses had to close for a while recently as the exhibit underneath was revamped. But Wild Ropes opened up again last month, with the Australia exhibit underneath now the Nura Diya exhibit, still full of Australian animals, but now featuring dingoes and looking at them all through an indigenous perspective. When I did the course years ago, there were four courses in total and I quite enjoyed it. Tell me, have the courses themselves changed much?

Sky Peak Adventures at St Mary'sI'm not too familiar with this site and would be interested to hear about other people's experiences. It doesn't sound like a ropes course exactly, more like a bunch of obstacles that are all part of one structure that's been designed to look a bit like a tree. It sounds like it has some unique experiences on offer though; there's free falls, and obstacles that ask you to pull yourself along a rope while sitting in a boat. It also looks like you can sit at a picnic table in the air. One downside I found is that unlike the others it's only open on weekends.

There are a few other ropes courses in Sydney but from what I can see they're not open to the public (I'm thinking of ones in Collaroy and Narrabeen, which seem more used for school camps). Are there others I've missed? Which one do you recommend?

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