Best Halloween TV Show Specials for Kids: Volume 1

Best Halloween TV Show Specials for Kids: Volume 1


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Halloween is just around the corner and almost all of my favorite television series have at least one Halloween special. Here is a list of 5 out of the many TV series Halloween specials suitable for children, in no particular order.

1. Rugrats: "Curse of the Werewuff" (season 8 episode 26)

Angelica tells the babies that they will turn into whatever they dress up as for trick or treating forever. This causes Chucky to have a nightmare where he turns into a "werewuff" and tries to steal his friends away into the night. Stu is more excited about Halloween than all the kids put together when all the parents take the kids to an amusement park filled with spooky attractions and plenty of free candy!

2. Goosebumps: "Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns"

A group of kids go trick or treating, around a time when four people from the next town have mysteriously disappeared, seemingly into thin air. When the kids run into a pair of scary pumpkin-headed "creatures" who lead them to a "better place", it seems like a kids' candy paradise, but soon turns into a never-ending scary nightmare. The kids must find their way out or be trapped forever! Despite how cheesy this episode is, it may be a little too scary for very young viewers.

3. The Simpsons Halloween Special (season 2 episode 3)

"Treehouse Of Horror I" in which Homer spies on his kids telling scary stories, in their treehouse.

"Bad Dream House", where the Simpson family buys a cursed mansion built on an ancient Indian burial ground. It tries to scare the family into "getting out".

"Hungry Are The Damned", where the Simpsons find themselves being abducted by a pair of green, tentacle-limbed aliens by the names of Kodos and Kang and learn that you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover… literally.

And in "The Raven", Homer lives out the classic tale by Edgar Allen Poe, where Bart plays the part of the raven.

While this is a classic episode of The Simpsons, it could be a little scary in places for younger viewers.

4. Spongebob Squarepants: "Scaredy Pants" (episode 26)

Spongebob is teased by his friends for having a reputation for getting easily scared around Halloween, so he and his best friend Patrick the starfish decide to dress up like the ghost of a long lost pirate... until his real ghost actually shows up and things really do get scary!

5. Lizzie McGuire: "Night of the Day of the Dead" (episode 15)

Lizzie's class is in charge of the school's Halloween dance, where strange things begin to happen; her little brother Matt is turned to dust, her best friend Gordo is trapped inside a toy and the spirits have seemingly come back to life in order to seek revenge on Kate, but is it all truly real?

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