Best Green Cafes in Perth

Best Green Cafes in Perth


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When you step inside a good cafe, there will be plenty of hungry customers and the mouth-watering aroma of flavour wafting from the kitchen, as food is prepared all ready for your enjoyment. A funky menu will provide you with so many choices. With more people than ever eating and catching up over a meal or coffee out, the cafe business is booming. From the myriads of options, I've pulled together Perth's three best 'green' cafes. These businesses have gotten their creative boots on to provide a service that has minimal impact on the environment. Incidentally, as you read through, you'll notice it's not just the environment that wins here. Energy efficiency means a lower cost, locally sourced means fresher, and seasonal means a beautiful mix of flavours throughout the year. To top it off, these cafes often give back to the community through job opportunities and supporting other projects.
And so without further ado, we have them below, starting with the most eco-friendly.

1. #gallery ">City Farm Cafe
The name paints a stark contrast with this urban oasis. In amongst the high rises of the CBD, City Farm Cafe provides a rustic atmosphere, located within the grounds, and sourcing from, the Perth City Farm. This 'paddock to plate' experience provides a delicious menu of seasonal, organic produce, right in the same place where it was grown. House made pickles, preserves, and quality coffee are all ethically and sustainably produced and sourced. The open air cafe has a sandpit where kids can play, and where you can see the chickens pecking and the gardens growing fresh food. Without all the transport and storage requirements, there is a much smaller environmental impact. As well as that, this cafe allows you to experience quality food, in a truly relaxed environment.

2. Antz Inya Pantz
This lighthearted cafe has gone above and beyond to place people, and the planet, over profit. The first thing you will notice as you order your coffee or tea is that they don't use any disposable cups. Instead, you can bring your own cup, or purchase a keep cup, which comes with a complimentary coffee. This has already saved tens of thousands of cups from landfill. Behind the scenes, Antz roasts their beans almost daily with a Diedrich Gas Roaster, which is incredibly efficient, saving on energy. The coffee beans purchased are supporting education and health for the supplying communities in Columbia. And all those coffee grounds? Antz works with the community to compost and recycle their grounds. From sourcing to packaging, brewing, and selling, they support their environment and their people.

3. Source Foods
Source foods use only locally sourced produce for their food, and even their drinks. They have a seasonal menu which ensures that the food you eat is fresh, and hasn't been carted halfway across the world, or stayed frozen for weeks. Transportation pollution is one of the biggest costs to the environment, as well as the electricity to store food available out of season.
These green cafes are the next generation in cafes- with less environmental impact, lowered costs, and higher quality food than ever before. Let's raise a glass to win-win situations!
If you know of somewhere green that I've missed, let us know in the comments below, and give this article a heart if you enjoyed it.

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