What are the Best FREE Summer School Holiday Activities For Kids

What are the Best FREE Summer School Holiday Activities For Kids


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Do you have bored kids on your hands this summer? The summer school holidays are a lot of fun but they also go on for a very long time - especially if your kids need constant entertaining! After an expensive Christmas, I am always on the look out for free activities during the summer school holidays, as it is startling how quickly activities can add up over time.

Below are my daughter's best free summer school holiday activities, what are yours? I would love to hear them! Please leave a comment at the top of this article and share your top tips. Although many of the ideas on this list can be done anywhere in Australia, some of them depend on what you have around where you live (such as libraries, beaches etc). If you have any more ideas that you love in your area, please make a comment and it will be listed underneath this article, for others to read. These ideas below may be nothing new, but one of them may just get you started on a new activity - and save your sanity!

Board Games are a fun way to spend some quality time with your kids and it is entertaining for adults too! If you have been spending too much time out in the sun, a morning of playing board games in the air conditioning is a relaxing way to spend some time with the kids. If you don't have any board games, Uno or card games are always a winner with all ages.

Get out in the Garden and learn about insects that live outside your home. My daughter loves looking for grasshoppers, spiders, caterpillars and other insects and then using Google to learn all about them! See here for other ideas.

Local Museums & Galleries often have free entry and have school holiday activities to take advantage of. Kids won't even know that it is educational too!

Riding Bikes, Scooters or Skate boards is a free way to keep the kids active and entertained over the holidays. We live near a skate park and each morning we go there for my daughter to ride her scooter before the bigger kids get there. It is also much cooler in the morning and a refreshing way to start the day.

The Local Library is a source of free entertainment that my daughter loves - especially in summer when it has extremely cold air conditioning! You can borrow fictional books, DVD's, CD's, magazines and craft books. We love to borrow cookbooks, which leads us to the next activity...

Cooking with kids is a lot of fun and it teaches them how to follow instructions and also about fractions (eg. 1/4 cup, 1/2 a cup etc). Make cinnamon pastry scrolls, carrot cake , peanut butter biscuits or home-made muesli bars. The best part? You get to enjoy the results!

Recycled Crafts is a rewarding way to use items around the home and turn them into something you could use! Make pencil jars out of Moccona jars , hanging pots out of empty cans, jellyfish decorations out of egg cartons , gardening sets out of milk bottles and pretty boxes out of wrapping paper . The more you look around the house, the more you will see. Get creative - you will be amazed by what your kids will come up with.

Make your Own Games from items around the home, such as Noughts and Crosses sets from stones or Twister, using different coloured cushions. Also think back to your favourite birthday party games, such as Musical Chairs, Freeze to music and Treasure Hunts. You don't need a party for party games!

A Water Fight is always a hilarious way to cool down and get active. Throw water bombs, get out the hose or fill up your watering cans and have some fun in the garden. Also, cool down at your local beach or river swimming hole - don't forget the boogie board or inflatable flamingo!

What do your kids love to do in the summer school holidays - that doesn't cost a cent? Please leave a comment at the top of this article and share your tips. As our kids grow older, we will look back on this time with fondness, as we get to spend all this time connecting with our kids.

What fun and FREE activities will you be doing tomorrow?

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