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Posted 2019-03-08 by Bombay Extra Dryfollow
Learn about people and culture through food. Singapore is a treasure-trove for fresh food from all over the world. Here are my 5 favourites that I have to have every time I visit.

1. Black pepper crab. This is so good, that I learned how to make it when I returned home! Succulent freshly steamed full crab, coated in a peppery sauce. It's spicy, so be sure to order some greens and steamed white rice too.

2. BBQ sambal stingray. Best eaten at a Hawker Centre, where they satay outdoors! The smokey flavours from the coal seep into the stingray, which is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed on a coal fire, then topped with a spicy sambal paste made with dried shrimp paste, spices, shallots and walnuts, and a squeeze of lime.

3. Popiah . Perfect for an afternoon snack on the go. This soft, thin paper-like wheat flour crepe is filled with finely grated stir-fried turnip, tofu, carrots, shallots, and shredded omelette. Eaten as is, or dipped in hoisin or a creamy satay sauce.

4. Dosa. Gluten-free and vegan, dosa is a very thin crepe made from a mixture of rice and chickpea flours. It's best enjoyed eaten with your fingers and dipping pieces into a spicy sambal soup, and coconut and mint chutneys. If you have a big appetite, order a dosa with a filling – masala (potato) is my recommendation.

5. Choose your own favourites! There are endless stalls inside food courts that offer a wide selection of ready cooked tasty meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. It's like selecting from a buffet and the food is super fresh. You can choose 3-5 different dishes for a few dollars. This option is a great way to sample a little bit of everything.

What are your favourite foods to eat in Singapore? Please share in the comments!

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