Best Florist & Espresso Bar

Best Florist & Espresso Bar


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is located only 15 minutes from the CBD, in the same complex as Kith 'n' Chow and Tori & Hiyoki Cafe . All three cafes have the same owner, which explains the partnership between and the other two cafes, in which customers of either cafe sometimes get free flowers! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, free flowers - save yourself some money by coming here on a date rather than purchase flowers yourself (disclaimer: this does not happen every single time).

From the outside, presents itself as a quaint little shop with a whole heap of things packed into a compact space. Both its design and decor are simple, but it does a good job - it enticed us enough to head in for a cuppa, even after having had a pot of tea each next door at Tori & Hiyoko Cafe.

Like Cafe 63, Ascot , is both a florist and a coffee shop (although of course this is self-explanatory from its name). The shop itself, shaped like a square, is small in size, but it has lots of beautifully arranged flowers on display to choose from.

Despite being a small shop, this espresso bar has all the standard coffees and milkshakes available and more, pictured on their menu here.

There is also a selection of dessert items and packaged drinks available for purchase, on display at the counter.

There is no indoor seating available, due to limited space, but there is plenty of outdoor seating that provides sufficient shade from both sun and rain. There are also plenty of magazines available for perusal.

I, of course, ordered the same coffee I've ordered for the past 4 years - a soy cappuccino. It was made perfectly - no complaints on my end!

Ending our rainy Sunday afternoon with a coffee from was a very good decision - it was a great place to just relax and chat about nothing in particular. Due to the place being nestled in a residential area, there were barely any cars around too, which only amplified Eddy and my chill arvo with good company.

As a final note, I am obsessed with roads - steep ones, winding ones, roads by the sea, roads flanked by trees... and so forth. The road just outside Best Florist & Espresso caught my eye, I had to take a photo despite having to brave the rain! Photo credits to William, and kudos for Eddy for not complaining even though he hates rain. See you again soon, .

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