Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2019


Posted 2019-11-19 by Hadassafollow
Christmas is magical and it's this time of the year again when most start thinking about what presents to buy.

So when thinking about Christmas and gifts why not take a different slightly different approach this year. I was inspired with this idea from a book that I started reading by Rhonda Hetzel called Down to Earth.

So, find pleasure and meaing by living a more simple and sustainable life. Not only can we all save some money but also help our planet. Every little step helps.

So here are some great Christmas gift ideas for all those living in the Wollongong/Sydney area:

1.) Let's Experience things together instead of buying 'Stuff'! Spending time together with family and friends is one of the best gifts to give this Christmas. All of us are busy but take out some time and create memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Plan an excursion - make a card and tell your friend what you will be doing with them, for example, "Let's go for a beautiful bushwalk and a picnic! I will bring a picnic for us to enjoy!" or " Let's go to the beach , play a game of Viking Kubb and I will bring a picnic!"
  • Outdoor activities, such as Kayaking, Fishing, Snorkeling , Surfing or SUP lessons
  • Book Tickets for shows at Wollongong Comedy, Merrigong Theatre, WIN Entertainment Centre, Anitas Theatre and many more...
  • Book a workshop that will increase your interest with The Rumpus , Green Connect or find out What's On in Wollongong and surrounds

  • 2.) Or why not look for a great way to support our planet and gift a donation? There are some great options for Donations such as:

    Donating goods to someone in need! How can you do that?
  • Create your own r everse advent calendar by taking a box and adding one item a day from home that you would like to give to someone in need. At the end of the month gift this box to a person or charity in your area.
  • Buy a goat from Oxfam
  • Buy a chicken for the Green Connect Farm
  • Donate food to a local community centre or a food shelter - Food Bank , Need a Feed , OZ Harvest (comes to the Illawarra twice per week) or other local organisations

  • Donate money on someone's behalf to organisations such as:
  • Green Connect - support the efforts to grow fair food and reduce waste
  • SCARF Refugee support - help refugees in the Illawarra establish a sense of belonging
  • World Vision - help vulnerable children
  • Oxfam - help fight poverty
  • Promote animal welfare RSPCA or WARN (Wollongong Animal Rescue Network)
  • Take 3 for the Sea - protect wildlife and the planet from plastic pollution - you can donate and get active every time you leave the house
  • The Ocean Clean Up - The largest Ocean Clean Up through technology that collects rubbish from the ocean and rivers!
  • Surfrider Foundation Australia - support the protection of Australia's ocean and beaches

  • 3.) Buy less this Christmas! Why not agree to a limit that you and your family will spend, or when buying think of what do you need, want, can wear or can read!

    4.) Buy second-hand or home-made Christmas Gifts. This really supports creating less waste! You'd be amazed at what you find in op shops! Furniture, clothes, jewellery, handbags, nick-nacks… you'll find something for everyone while doing your part for the planet and saving money too! Win-Win for everyone!
  • Home-made Gift Ideas - great ideas, simple and very personal! These can include baking a yummy bread, make your own Jam from seasonal fruits. If you feel like it, give making cheese a go. Or even create your own advent calendars or gift a nice photo
  • Op-Shops in your local area

  • 5.) Buy sustainable! Think about alternatives to plastic (zero waste), toxin-free products while still finding products that are stylish, practical and safe! Here are some examples:
  • Stainless Steel Pegs (every household needs them, but they don't need to be out of plastic!) from Activated Eco or S hop Naturally
  • Lunch Boxes and other items for work or school by Bright Star Kids & Naturally Sustainable
  • Body & Beauty, Home Decor and other items - Biome offers a selection of items
  • Check out local businesses that offer great sustainable gifts like Flame Tree or healthy grocers&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYm7nNlcXlAhWYfSsKHRgdCLUQuzEICQ&biw=1440&bih=729&dpr=1 Taylors Grocers in Thirroul & Wollongong or the Upcycle Studio in Bowral

  • These are only a few ideas to inspire you to rethink gifting! I couldn't mention all of the great ideas, so please don't feel offended if I didn't mention you and your business.

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