What Are Sydney's Best Cheap Hotels

What Are Sydney's Best Cheap Hotels


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[SECTION]What are Sydney's Best Cheap Hotels?[/SECTION]
It's a very interesting and exciting question to try and answer indeed, especially given the assumed subjectivity of criteria. This article will attempt to go by several criterion – namely price, location and comfort. What's cheap for one person isn't cheap for another, but I aim to define cheap as under $100 a night for a room. I won't be discussing dorm hostels in a great deal of depth, except in the cases of the establishments which offer private hotel rooms for the night at a lower rate than that of a typical hotel. Often, it is also the deals in cheap hotels which make them that way, rather than the nominal pricing. You've always got to be on the lookout, especially online. Oh and don't be fooled purely by online pricing, sometimes if you call the hotel they will beat the online price just so that they can cut out the middle man. This has happened to me before, personally on a number of occasions.

[SECTION]Cheap Hotel Getaways[/SECTION]
The Camden Valley Inn offers what's called an experience package, which is a room at the inn for $99 with two double beds. The price is excellent, except there is a small catch. Despite the bedding being acceptable for two couples, extra adults cost a whopping $30 each. This means that for two couples, the room would actually cost $160. If you want to escape the city, it's value for money due to the more remote location. It still works out to cost only $40 a night each though, which I classify as cheap for a hotel. The inn itself looks beautiful too. If you go with just two people, it's only $50 a night each. This inn actually has a four star rating, so the pricing definitely screams of value.

Sometimes, the cheaper hotel pricing comes from purchasing multiple nights in a row. Put another way, a hotel like the Rydges Parramatta offers a minimal rate of $97 a night but you need to stay a minimum of three nights. This guarantees a cheaper rate for you but also a minimum profit for the hotel. Because it's so seasonal, this deal's pricing can be higher depending on when you book and what's available. If you stay at the Alexander the Great Motel in Windsor for a minimum of 7 days, the pricing is at $95 a night for a standard motel suite.

[SECTION]Hotels with a Location Focus[/SECTION]
The Boardrider Backpacker & Budget Motel offers regular double rooms from $75 a night and a family room for $100 a night. Its Manly location is attractive if you love going to the beach. The large double room is also $100.The catch is that often, the bathrooms are shared, including the rooms for $100. If you don't mind that too much then you might wish to consider the Bondi Beachhouse Backpackers YHA , which features double and twin rooms at Bondi Beach for $80 each.The location of this property is definitely one of its stronger points.

If you're after an adequate location but a hotel room without shared bathroom facilities, perhaps you'd be more suited to something like Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood which offers a competitive $100 a night rate for a single hotel room with a double bed. It's rated four stars, so I class that as a good deal.

The international airport location of the Airport Inn makes for convenience too, and a single ensuite is priced as low as $79 if you look on discount hotel websites as there is currently a special on.

As you move closer to the Sydney CBD, you will notice that the star ratings of the rooms will go down if the price is under $100. You're looking at either sharing a bathroom or going to a hostel for the most part. The Parkview Hotel at Broadway currently has a deal of $69 a room going, despite its location and it doesn't appear that you have to share your bathroom.

The Central Private Hotel contains rooms priced as low as $69 a night but you need to share the bathroom. For an extra $10-20 or so a night you can upgrade to an ensuite room, which is reasonable given the Elizabeth Street location.

One last budget room option in the CBD that I must mention is the George Street Hotel . The location is great but also, you get free internet. You do need to share the bathroom unless you pay more for an ensuite room but many of the budget accommodation establishments tend to have hidden costs, rather than offer freebies.

[SECTION]Secret / Mystery Hotels[/SECTION]
If your limit is a little higher than $100 a night and you wish to stay in a nice hotel but don't particularly care where, there is a great value for money option for you. When you book online, certain websites such as Wotif and LastMinute have what's called a secret hotel or mystery deal. This means that you get a mystery room – a comfortable room within a hotel that is a mystery to you until you book it. Your hotel will be revealed to you immediately after you pay and you can't cancel, but you get a ridiculously cheap rate. You can choose which star rating is your minimum, and usually for a 4 star hotel in the CBD you'll be paying around $150 a night or so, usually even less. If you have the time and can be bothered, you can actually sometimes figure out what hotel it is by comparing the features and picking out any unique ones. The room you get will be comfortable, well-appointed and in the location you choose – for example, if you search for a secret or mystery hotel in the CBD, you won't get one in Penrith.

As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when booking your budget accommodation. I highly recommend reading TripAdvisor reviews prior to booking, but sometimes the (bad) reviews can sound a bit extreme. I try and read many good reviews as possible because I believe it takes a lot more positive emotion to write a positive review than negative emotion to write its often derogatory counterpart. Has anyone had any better deals, had bad or good experience with the aforementioned hotels? If a cheap hotel I haven't mentioned isn't up there, what is it and what makes it good value for money?

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