Whats the Best Camping Store in Melbourne

Whats the Best Camping Store in Melbourne


Posted 2011-08-24 by Jody Kimberfollow

Wilsons Prom is back open for 2011. The rains from May are clear and reports are that campers and bushwalkers are welcome.

So, if your about to head off on the great camping trip what do you take with you and where do you buy all the essentials for that real camping experience. If your planning to go to Greenland or Antarctica , you might need that expert camping supplier. If Wilsons Prom or the Otways are more your style, then the easily accessable camping stores are more the go.

Or, if your not the real outdoory type, where can you find all the
accessories that tell you this is luxury even if I am in a tent near the side of a river and had to trek 10km to get here. The fundamental thing here, is that you can either access your campsite by vehicle, or can carry everything. Those hot shower units can be very heavy, whilst a solar powered shower bag is less than 5% of the cost and far lighter to carry in your backpack.

For those who wish to take off on the Everest experience, or well, the suburban experience of something near that, you can buy pretty much everything at Anaconda. Katmandu has great travel gear, great tents and camping equipment ( and letting you in on a secret, their discount store in Fitzroy is very good if you want a real bargain.) If Anaconda and Katmundu dont stock the level of equipment you need if travelling the Artic Circle or popping into visit friends in Bhutan, they might be able to direct you as to where to begin to find that highly specialized equipment.

On the other hand if your trekking in such places, you should already be an expert or have an expert guiding you. Just look at what you need to climb Everest successfully.

Back to basic camping and backpacking Rays Outdoors and Mitchells Campin g are all good camping stores and each of these have great sales and specials at different times of year.

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