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The Best Bluey Episodes from Season One

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by Marisa Quinn-Haisu (subscribe)
My name is Marisa. I am a fiction writer, a blogger, and a freelance journalist.
Published February 19th 2020
Everyone is going whackadoo for Bluey
The Best Bluey Episodes
Bluey and Bingo love nothing more than to play games

Ever since an excitable six-year-old Blue Heeler dog named Bluey skipped and danced onto television screens across the country in 2018, everyone has fallen in love with the loveable pup. The Australian animated television series has received critical acclaim and developed a massive audience in both Australia and around the globe. It was the most-watched children's program across all broadcast channels in Australia in 2018 and 2019 and gained 16 million viewers in America by the end of 2019. There's a lot of things that both children and adults love about Bluey. The show is imaginative, smart, funny, well-written, endearing and relatable to parents. Here are six episodes that are truly whackadoo.

1. Grannies
The Best Bluey Episodes
Chilli's face really says it all in this picture

Episode Details: Episode 28 Season One
Air Date: 2 April 2018
Best Quote:

Bingo: "I slipped on ma beans!"

Grannies is a delightful episode that always gets a giggle out of me. Bluey asks Bingo to play a game called Grannies. Bluey becomes Janet and Bingo becomes Rita. The sisters go into the kitchen and get up to mischief around Mum, but then Bingo starts flossing, which upsets Bluey because she thinks that grandmas don't do the flossing dance.

Bingo disagrees but Bluey is insistent she is right. Bluey and Bingo go and find Dad who is cleaning the toilet. Bluey asks Dad if Bingo is wrong about grannies flossing, but he doesn't know, and suggests they ask Nana. The sisters contact Nana over Facetime and ask her if she can floss, which she thinks means to clean her teeth, she hasn't heard of the flossing dance. Bluey is happy she was proven right, but Bingo is upset, and doesn't want to play Grannies anymore. This upsets Bluey who still wants her to play. Bluey complains to Mum about Bingo sulking and not wanting to play anymore. Mum asks her what is more important, her being right, or Bingo playing?

Bluey contacts Nana and Grandpa again and teaches them how to do the flossing dance. She then goes and gets Bingo and tells her she was right! Grannies CAN floss! Bingo is very happy and decides to resume playing the game with Bluey. Grannies is a great episode that has an important message in it about how to solve problems and resolve an argument.

2. Takeaway
The Best Bluey Episodes
We've all been there, Bandit.

Episode Details: Episode 14 Season One
Air Date: 14 October 2018
Best Quote:

Bandit reading a fortune cookie: "Flowers may bloom again, but a person never has a chance to be young again."

In this fan favourite episode, Dad takes the kids to get some takeaway for dinner, but they stuff up his order and forget his spring rolls. Dad refuses to leave without the spring rolls, so he agrees to wait out the front of the restaurant with the kids for five minutes while they finish his order. While they are waiting, Bluey and Bingo get impatient and start getting up to mischief. Dad tries his best to control them, but cannot control the chaos. Instead of getting cross at his children, he chooses to find the humour in the situation after reading a message in a fortune cookie that reminds him of the fleeting nature of childhood. I really like Bandit in this episode. The situation he finds himself in is one that many parents know all too well, which is what makes the episode so hilarious and relatable. Bandit's patience and his love for his children really shines in this episode, which is one of the reasons why I really like him and think he is a great example of a positive father figure.

3. Shadowlands

The Best Bluey Episodes
Bluey and the kids play a game in the park

Episode Details: Episode 5 Season One
Air Date: 5 October 2018
Best Quote:

Bluey to Snickers: "Move your sausage legs!"

Bluey is playing in the park with a group of her friends. The pups are playing a game of 'Shadowlands' which involves them travelling across the park by only stepping on shadows. Bluey tries to teach her friend Coco the rules, but she keeps changing the rules and taking short cuts to make the game easier. Bluey gets frustrated with Coco and insists she cannot change the rules and tries to tell her that the game is more fun when you do not take short cuts. The kids have fun with their game, until they reach a big patch of sunlight that Snickers, a sausage dog, cannot jump over with his little legs.

Coco suggests they should cheat, but Bluey tells her off again. The kids stick to the rules and manage to help Snickers find a way to jump the gap. When the game leads them to an even larger patch of sunlight, Coco suggests another short cut, but Bluey refuses. Coco asks why it is so important they MUST follow the rules and Bluey responds because they're the RULES! Coco suggests maybe they should change the rules, but then a cloud passes overhead and the kids are able to successfully cross the park and get back to the picnic blanket without stepping in sunlight.

Bluey proves to Coco that by following the rules (instead of changing them) the game was more fun because it was more challenging. One of the things I like most about Bluey as a parent is the show gives me ideas of games I can play with my own kids. Shadowlands is a great example of that. How much fun would it be to play this game with your own kids or even a bunch of mates?

4. Markets
The Best Bluey Episodes
Bluey gets five dollars from the tooth fairy and decides to spend it at a market

Episode Details: Episode 20 Season One
Air Date: 20 October 2018
Best Quote:

Bluey: "The tooth fairy came!"

Bandit: "Nice one, kid"

Bluey: "She left me five bucks!"

Bandit: "Five bucks!"

Bluey: "Yeah, I know, five bucks!"

Bandit to Chilli: "'Five bucks?!?"

Chilli: "'That's what she left all of Bluey's friends!"

Bandit: "Well, that tooth fairy is doing well for herself, isn't she?"

Bluey gets five dollars from the tooth fairy and heads off to a local market with Dad to see what she can spend it on. While there, she meets up with her friend Indy, and the two pups decide to explore the market together to see what they can spend the money on. The market has a charming bohemian vibe to it and is animated beautifully; there are market stalls, hippies, bubbles, live music, ponies dressed as unicorns, and lots of yummy treats to buy. Bluey can't decide what to spend her five bucks on. She eventually buys a toffee apple, but then regrets her purchase because she cannot share it with her friend. She asks Dad if she can get her money back but he explains that once money is spent it is gone. But then we see the five dollars do a full circuit of the market and end up with Indy's Mum, who gives it back to Indy, who then gives it to a busker to request a song that she and Bluey can enjoy together. Markets is a great episode that has an important message in it about friendships and how money works and has a charming Australian vibe to it.

5. The Weekend
The Best Bluey Episodes
Bingo discovers something magical in the garden

Episode Details: Episode 6 Season One
Air Date: 6 October 2018
Best Quote:

Bingo: "Is that a leaf? Are you a walking leaf? I don't understand. Why would leaf want to walk? You should be in a tree. Daddy, come here! Daddy, come and see!"

The walking leaf flies away. Bingo tears up and waves goodbye.

Bingo: "Goodybe… have fun… I'll miss you."

Bluey and Bingo want to spend the weekend playing games with Dad at home. Bluey and Bingo begin a game of magic statues. While Bingo is pretending to be a magic statue, she notices a walking leaf insect. She is fascinated and asks it questions, not understanding how a leaf could walk. She excitedly calls out to Dad to come and see, but he is too distracted with the game to hear her calling and misses the bug fly away. Bingo tears up, disappointed that he missed it. Later that night, she tells Dad about the walking leaf and how he didn't see it, and he apologises. I really fell in love with sweet little Bingo in this episode. Her child-like awe when she discovers the walking insect is very endearing.

6. The Pool
The Best Bluey Episodes
Bluey and Bingo have some fun at the pool

Episode Details: Episode 27 Season One
Air Date: October 22, 2018
Best Quote:

Bingo: "Dad, what does Aaaaabbbuuuukkkkjjjjkkkk spell?"

Bandit: "Aaaaabbbuuuukkkkjjjjkkkk!!!"

The Pool is one of my favourite Dad episodes. It's a hot summer's day so Dad suggests that the family goes and use Uncle Stripe's swimming pool to cool off. The kids are excited and want to go. Mum reminds Dad to bring all the important pool stuff, like goggles and sunscreen, and not just the fun stuff. But Dad is impatient and only takes the fun stuff. On the way to the pool, Dad and Bluey tease Mum for being too responsible, and criticise her for not being as much fun as Dad and only caring about boring things. When they arrive at the pool, the kids ask Dad for things like sunscreen, flip flops and floaties, but Dad realizes that he forgot them all. Dad and the kids struggle to enjoy the pool without the equipment, but then Mum turns up with all of the things that Dad forgot. Bluey, Bingo and Dad realize that they were wrong bout Mum and that boring things are important. I liked how this episode made a point that while it is fun to be the fun parent you also have to be responsible as well.
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Why? It’s been over a year and the Bluey theme song is still stuck in my head.
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