South Australia's Best Big Things

South Australia's Best Big Things


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Good things may come in small packages, but when it comes to roadside attractions the bigger, the better.

There are around 150 Big Things in Australia, and I don't mean big things like Mount Lofty. We're talking about Big Things like Queensland's Big Pineapple.

Big, bold, and brazen, these novelty creations are popular attractions that draw attention to local businesses and welcome tourists into town.

Most of Australia's Big Things can be found in New South Wales and Queensland, but here in South Australia there are about 15 unmissable Big Things that make for a fun road trip and photo opportunity for your Facebook page.

So I present to you, in no particular order, the best of the Big Things in South Australia.

The Big Scotsman

It is often thought that the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour was the original Big Thing, but the cult phenomenon actually began in Adelaide with the Big Scotsman.

At 5 metres tall, Scotty is Adelaide's tallest and most well-known Scotsman. He was constructed in 1963 to promote Scotty's Motel (also known as the Comfort Inn) which is located at the busy intersection of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road at Medindie.

The creative mind behind the Big Scotsman was designer Paul Kelly whose next big masterpiece was the Big Lobster in 1979.

The Big Lobster

The Big Lobster is considered by many to be one of the most impressive and intricate Big Things in Australia.

Known affectionately as Larry, at its tallest it reaches 17 metres and was created with the intention of bringing tourists to the visitor's centre and the Big Lobster restaurant on the Princes Highway at Kingston S.E.

Local legend claims the dimensions of the Big Lobster may have been the result of a metric system misunderstanding as the measurements were meant to be read in feet, not metres – a "big" mistake!

The Big Church Block Bottle

One of the most recent members of South Australia's Big Things club is the Big Church Block Bottle at the wonderful Wirra Wirra Winery on McMurtrie Road at McLaren Vale.

The 10 metre tall wine bottle was constructed for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It is covered in recycled corks and replicates the winery's Church Block bottle.

As well as a nice selection of wine, there are a few other interesting and big things to be discovered at Wirra Wirra . There is a 10 tonne fence constructed from massive red gums and a trebuchet that is reported to have hurled a watermelon 140 metres.

The Big Rocking Horse

South Australia's most loved Big Thing would have to be the Big Rocking Horse. It was made in 1981 by David McIntosh and John Twopenny, who was also responsible for the Big Orange in Berri.

The Big Rocking Horse stands at 18 metres tall and has 3 viewing platforms. Once upon a time it was free to climb, but now the activity incurs a fee of $2 for which children receive a certificate of completion.

Found on Torrens Valley Road at Gumeracha, The Big Rocking Horse is open from 9 am until 5 pm, 7 days a week. Surrounded by a wooden toy factory, cafe, and wildlife park, it makes for a memorable and affordable family outing.

Some other Big Things in South Australia include the Australian Farmer in Wudinna, Big Dice between Yunta and Mannahill, Big Galah in Kimba, Big Kangaroo in Border Village, Map the Miner in Kapunda, Big Olive in Tailem Bend, Big Oyster in Ceduna, Big Pelican in Loxton, Big Ram in Karoonda, Big Winch in Coober Pedy, and Big Yabby in Clayton.

Take a drive, see the sights, and get a photo with these imposing South Australian icons, you know you want to.

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