Best Beaches in LA

Best Beaches in LA


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Several years ago, before I moved to Los Angeles, I used to think my pleasant experience while growing up in Miami, Florida was a dream come true. Back then, I enjoyed numerous outings with my politician dad who loved taking me along while going for various political functions. He took me to many classic restaurants in Miami to enjoy various cuisines. The wonderful experience I had with my mom at Sunny Isles Beach and many other beaches in Miami is still fresh in my memory. My mum loves drawing and painting in the natural environment of a beach and this is exactly what aroused my love for the ocean.

The fun of playing around the beach and the accolade my mum received for her artwork triggered the artist in me but I never loved drawing or painting. Rather, I prefer writing about the romantic and fun-filled scene I see at the beach each time I go with my mom. I started my writing career right from middle school. My passion for writing grew rapidly when I ventured into romantic writing and it won me an award in high school, shortly after my family moved to Los Angeles.

Just a few months after settling down in Los Angeles, I discovered that my inspiration for romantic writing lies nowhere else but in the various captivating Los Angeles beaches I always visit when writing any romantic story. Each time I visit a beach in LA, I would write several romantic lines by the mere sight of various couples having fun at the beach. I amassed multiple awards in romantic writing in college and my books traveled afar. Till now, my works keep touching lives and my friends keep asking for my source of inspiration. At this point, I think it's high time I let everyone know that my inspiration still come from my favorite Los Angeles beaches highlighted below.

Santa Monica State Beach: This is one of the most amazing beaches in Los Angeles and I can write 10 novels out of the numerous exciting activities you can enjoy at this beach. Some people would say "if you can't find anything interesting to do at Santa Monica beach, you are definitely not there to have fun". You can have fun on the amazing picnic area. You can enjoy volleyball, sunbathing and other activities here.

Leo Carrillo State Park: This place is more than just a beach, it is graced with rocky crags that extend into the ocean and it has an extensive beach. If you love hiking, swimming and surfing, this beach is definitely a place for you.

Seaside Lagoon: Seaside lagoon offers more than just a beach. You can enjoy the pool, the water slide and the fountain. It's such a serene place for the family to have fun because seaside lagoon accommodates both adult and children. One fascinating feature I love about this beach is its cold and clean water.

Surfrider Beach: The name of this beach really proves its worth. This is one of the most suitable beaches for surfing in Los Angeles. Swimming, birding and lounging are simply wonderful at Surfrider Beach.

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