Where's the Best Arancini in Adelaide

Where's the Best Arancini in Adelaide


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Meaning "little orange" in Italian, Arancini is a popular dish in Australian restaurants and pubs, usually appearing as part of their entrée or snack selections. This dish consists of a filling stuffed within a ball of rice, which is then crumbed and deep-fried. Risotto rice seems to be the rice of choice for making Arancini as it holds together better and mushroom is the most popular filling.

Our current favourite Arancini is the one offered at Linde's Lane Restaurant . Their Arancini had enough mushrooms to give the dish its delectable earthy flavour. It was also notable for having fried Portobello mushrooms accompanying the dish and a sauce including mushrooms to enhance the earthy flavour.

Another Arancini that we enjoyed was the one at Pirie & Co Restaurant . The texture of the rice filling was not too thick and was contrasted wonderfully by the crumb coating. The dish also had a topping of salsa verde which complemented the taste of the Arancini nicely.

As its name suggests, the Bulgogi Arancini at Plus 82 Pocha differs from the other ones we have tried by using beef bulgogi as the filling to provide an Asian twist. It also used a different type of rice compared to the usual risotto to give it a different texture.

The British Hotel is another place where we enjoyed delicious Arancini. Theirs had a topping of what tasted like grated Parmesan cheese to add a bit of salty taste. The dish also notably included tarragon oil alongside the aioli that the Arancini can be rolled in for an extra element of flavour.

The House Arancini at The Norwood Hotel had enough roasted mushrooms to provide the Arancini with a delightful earthy flavour.

At Spaghetti Western , the Arancini stood out from the ones we have tried due to the inclusion of sweet potato to impart a slightly sweet taste. Aside from béchamel and tomato sauce to dip the Arancini in for more flavour, the dish also came with watercress to provide an element of freshness.

Where else have you enjoyed delicious Arancini in Adelaide? We would like to know so we can give them a try.

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