Beryl Roberts Park

Beryl Roberts Park


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Where is ?

Coopers Plains is a suburb on the southside of Brisbane, just 11km south-west of the CBD. This suburb was originally named Cowper's Plains by John Oxley after Dr Henry Cowper, who was the Assistant Surgeon-in-Charge at the Moreton Bay Settlement from 1823 to 1832. However, after a convict settlement was established in 1828, the name was corrupted; by 1860, the area was known as what we call Cooper's Plains today.

What is like?

With a little creek running through , the area here is picturesque and gives one the feeling that they are far, far away from the city - when in reality, they are only 20 minutes away by car! With the creek flanked by green trees and even greener grass, it's no wonder patrons feel as though they've escaped the hustle and bustle of the city. We also saw heaps of bearded dragons basking in the sun on the rocks near the creek; Eddy really wanted to go up and say hello and had to be bribed (in the form of treats) to move on from this area!

Could I host a picnic or birthday party here at ?

Yes! There is more than enough space for multiple families here. With an electric barbecue, multiple gazebos and park benches, in addition to seemingly endless open grassy areas, it's as though was designed to host large crowds of people; which they have done successfully in the past . There's even a playground near the barbecue and gazebos to keep all the little ones occupied - is kindly and effortlessly doing all the hard work for the parents and guardians.

Could I exercise here at ?

With a choice between either a walking path or a bikeway here, the answer is a definitive yes. If you wanted, you could even walk to neighbouring Brittain Park, and visit two parks instead of one! The paths take you through bushland that give you the illusion of being far away from civilisation. Coupled with the cool breeze and the many different animals you encounter on your little trek, it's the perfect place for a stroll if you need to clear your mind or escape from the daily stress of life.

For the fitness enthusiasts, there is also a fitness centre here at . Hit the gym, with a nice view, coupled with the natural breeze, for free!

Should I bring my dog to ?

As if you didn't see just how much fun my dog was having in the photos above - yes! In addition to the bushwalk meandering through the park, there is also an off-leash dog area, complete with multiple pieces of agility equipment. To top it off, there is even a toy basket available for doggy patrons - as someone who nearly always forgets to bring a ball to the dog park, this was the loveliest surprise. Eddy had a ball - pun intended! For the pawrents out there, there is a shady gazebo for you to rest up from the bushwalk while your pooch runs around and tires themselves out.

Eddy and I spent a really enjoyable morning here at ; I especially enjoyed the bushwalk. It was nice and shady throughout the walk, despite being a swelteringly hot day - I probably would have just turned around otherwise! As for Eddy, his favourite facility is definitely the off-leash dog park, or more specifically, the pink ball he borrowed whilst inside...

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