Below Deck, Little Beach Boathouse

Below Deck, Little Beach Boathouse


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Below Deck is a sunset bar that is located under the Little Beach Boathouse restaurant - literally right on the water at Beach Boathouse/@-32.7139227,152.1568652,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc3778efd8d106b14!8m2!3d-32.7139138!4d152.1568648 Little Beach , Port Stephens. This scenic outside bar doesn't take bookings - just walk-ins only between 12pm to sunset, Wednesday to Sunday (at the time of writing). It has an outside deck overlooking the water, as well as tables for two around the front of the building and down the side, which are in the shade on a hot afternoon.

My husband and I visited Below Deck for some pre-dinner drinks and we fell in love with the casual atmosphere and stunning views. When we arrived, we were given a friendly welcome and asked where we would like to sit, then given menus and a table number and we were left to settle in and peruse the menu. We then ordered at the till and then our icy-cold drinks and food were delivered to our table. We looked at each other and smiled - we had found our new favourite Port Stephens venue!

Grab a beer, splurge on a cocktail or sip on wine and order some tasty appetisers from the #belowdeckfoodmenu ">food menu to nibble on while you take in the view. We arrived about 5pm and chose from the Lounge Menu, however, if you arrive earlier for lunch after 12pm, they also have a Specials Board with lunch meals to choose from. Everything on the Below Deck menu sounded divine, however, we didn't want to fill up too much before dinner, so we picked local sourdough bread with hummus, dukka and balsamic vinegar for dipping, to enjoy with our beers.

Our beers and bread were delivered to our table quickly and then we sat and chatted, whilst dance music played softly in the background and everyone talked quietly at their tables. Even though most tables were full, there seemed to be a hush over the group as we all relaxed, sat back and enjoyed the serenity.

If by chance you arrive and it starts to rain, there is also an indoor area where you can sit, so you can still take in the view and watch the sun set in the distance. They also offer hot drinks, to warm you up from the inside.

On our visit, a little Maltese dog sat underneath the next table and looked out to the view in silence - as even he was dumb-struck by the beautiful location and relaxed vibe. If you have a pooch and you want to go somewhere scenic and dog friendly for a drink and something delicious to eat, then get to Below Deck and grab a table.

Why don't you visit Below Deck this weekend? We may see you there!

  • If you want a fine dining meal with the same view, ensure that you book a table upstairs in the Little Beach Boathouse restaurant, which has one of the best reputations in town!

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