Belmont Road East, Croydon South

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Posted 2023-01-14 by Neil Follettfollow
Belmont Road East is a little undulating in a well-established area. It is a tree-lined, no through road running for 700 metres from Dorset Road.

The dominant flora along Belmont is agapanthus. They are at their floral peak with many stands in gardens and on verges, giving the opportunity for photos of individual blooms, both blue and white.

Some nice individual blooms of roses presented themselves with a multitude of colours.

Many trees were in flower. An Illawarra flame tree and a jacaranda featured in two gardens and several melaleuca trees were on nature strips.

A white oleander had made a mass escape through a wire fence.

Older areas can be counted on to supply some interesting picket fences.

A noisy miner landed on the footpath nearby, then flew onto an adjacent fence before escaping to a close tree. It was joined by a second one and an interesting series of photos were taken.

The only other avian activity seen were a spotted dove and a raven.

Two of the bird baths seen were multi-tasking as a plant holder, and another was open for business but lacked water.

Some cute garden statues were seen as was a young lady hiding her modesty behind some grass.

Despite the warm day, several walkers were encountered but all the dogs stayed home.

A huge mass of canna lilies allowed a couple of blooms to isolate for a photo.

Partway along Belmont Road is the large Belmont Park, featuring a playground, undercover picnic and bbq area.

An interesting ornament was an old bicycle. A bird motive wall hanging and an iron planter made nice visions.

A variation of a spoon garden was in one front yard, looking a little faded as the spoon village fad has passed.

A particularly nice lavender was identified as a topped lavender.

It is always nice to find new plants but not when my identification programme couldn't name them with any accuracy.

Red flowers always stand out as a couple from the fuchsia family and the grevillea family did.

A colourful patch of ice flowers provided some ground cover, while individual specimens of iris, kangaroo paw and a magnolia flower added more enjoyment.

A short walkway from Belmont Road East joins Belmont Road West, but that is another article.

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